08 Roush Racing Ford Focus ZX2

I have more info i’ll be postiong every so often. When i feel tthe time is correct. Right now you great admin team is gathering all the info we can on this. Along with Fords restuctring plan and how the Focus line will pan out. (It’s going to be good)Just keep checking back

we should get focus and zx2 lovers to pull for a lower roofline :smiley:

:mrgreen: i just wanted to use that face. ha

Been waiting on real photos? http://www.caranddriver.com/carnews/119 … us-rs.html


:-D A little more realistic photo? :-D

thats not it…thats the focus rs only available in europe

Too bad nothing that cool will come to the States…

I agree, it looks pretty sweet.


well from what i can find on google this is what the new focus will look like.>
wonder what the roush version will look like

Probably the same, but a little lower with some minor ground effects.

thats focus st in europe like other people said http://www.ford.com/en/innovation/desig … ocusST.htm

Ok guys you are getting very very close with what your guessing. I’m going to try to get a hold of my friends in Ford. Maybe they’ll let me give you a taste of whats to come. Heres a hint Fords going Global to reduce cost on there “WORLD CARS”.

See now, that focus is much hotter than what they released in the US. Had they put that out, perhaps I would have bought one.


If they are paying attention to this then put in the Quality you put into the new Mustang and have mazda lend you a hand since there new Mazdaspeeds and CX-7 dominate now.

sweet …i can`t wait till they bring it out . thats if they do decide to bring it out .


Yeah i think its coming out. Heres a pic of the new sedan. Im trying to get a pic of the coupe. I have some interior shots. I post them up soon

lol, the watermark is so big you can’t see the car.

hm well i thought the pic i posted was a coupe and not a hatch? i put focus coupe in the search on google and that was the first pic. i guess now looking at it, it kindof looks like a hatch.

I was thinking something a little more along these lines.


If this is more like the final product, I’ll pimp it.