08 Roush Racing Ford Focus ZX2

well i found out the blue one is a Mondeo a european ford car. of course it looks like the focus and maybe thats the platform ford wants to call the focus over here. dont know. i like the silver picture better but like above stated its not a coupe even though i thought it was. so dont know. maybe the mondeo is the focus counter part in euro



hers some pics i was sent a while ago that we’ve been sitting on. Basically Fords goping Global with the Focus. To cut cost and raise profits all Focuses will have the same drive train world wide by 2010.

I Recieved some new news that i have to confirm about a Completely new Ford coupe for the 2010 model year.

Your very very close just add the 3 Bar grill and your almost have it. I have opics with out the BRA on it.


hers a shot of the N/A dash board.

Lol, thats funny, thats the dash concept i am glassing as we speak. :mrgreen:

What are you glassing?

factory turbo ftw!