08 Roush Racing Ford Focus ZX2

That sketch looks like Escalade headlights and grill, then doors and slight roof line of a 300c or some Caddy and some huge 22"+ rims

I guess the big question is:

“If this vehicle where to come out in '08 and SuperCharged, would you trade in your Zx2?”

As seeing as my zx2s are paid of now. Iw ould just buy it with out trading my Zs in :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways I hope Ford and Roush pull this on off and it doesn’t go to the recycle bin like alot of good cars that should have made it to market… cough… zx2 svt, Roush Fusion ZX2 cough… Let hope this time they do it right. I want a new car lol

it is ugly with a capital ugly

I think it looks more like a VW GTI mixed with the fusion front end.

i woul;d never trade my 2000 s/r for that pathetic looking pile of crap

I take it Jayco has never been smoked by an Aspire. :smiley:

The revision that SWB made looks better. The car sits too high and looks too much like a box. The thing that sold me on the ZX2 is how rounded and streamlined it looks compared to other compact cars on the road today. The 99 Civic Si looks better then this new ZX2 does. If they wanted to release a new ZX2, it should look more like the ZX2NR they never released.

hey lol you forget the parts and R&d i have at my disposal i havent been beat by much ever in my life…

Plus think of the stuff that Jayco has ready to go. We just might end up smoking that newer ZX2!

We’ll we all know that you can build a car to beat any other ccar. Just look at Kickerzx2’s turbo ZX. It is running 10’s. This is going to be the fastest Focus produced in the states.

I think I am going to wait until I see an actual car before I judge. Kinda hard to judge a sketch because they could always decide to change things here and there. I think they are heading in the right direction though. They will probably even boost there sales by doing this.


Good point. Didn’t roushzx2 say that there were people watching this forum for discussions like this? We may have just altered the outcome of this car.

Good point. Didn't roushzx2 say that there were people watching this forum for discussions like this? We may have just altered the outcome of this car.

OK. Listen Up Ford! Keep it simple, 2 door, and a mix of your Reflex (but smaller) and Zx2. No Fusion necessary. Forced Induction and possibly AWD.

one new thing i found out or i forgot to mention. It’s going to be in Class C as far as weight.

Class C = 2000 to 2500 lbs

All Wheel Drive?! That’d be really nice to have. I’ve always envied the countries that had the civilian version of the Escort Rally Car. There were civilian versions of it, right?

Yes, it is called the Cosworth RS. There is also a Sierra Cosworth RS, that is turbo AWD. But for price? People paid probably over $50,000 for them, so yeah…

I sure hope we get something more concrete than a blurry pic… I already knew that Ford was making a 2 door Focus. A Roush version would be nice. Hopefully it’s not like the useless Roush Focus.

Its about time ford made a competitive car for the compact market. I love my zx2, and have been waiting on something new to come out. I’de love to see framless doors… i hate with a passion doors that have frames around the windows. Keep the car simple, no guady side moldings etc… nice smooth lines, maybe add things standard that the tuner crowd would like, short throw shifters, and at least a 2.25" exhaust… if dodge could put mandrell bent 2.25" on neons from 95-05 you sure can on the zx2. The sketches look badass, the spy picture looks too tall imo. bring the roof down even 2" and slant the windshiled back and it would look killer.

i was on teamzx2 and saw a sticky for this thread and thought i would pop on over and thought i would partake in the waiting of the possible roush zx2. well even though it looks really tall in the picture it could be shorter than it seems. im sure it wont be that tall even though it looks it,however, i could be wrong look at the scion tc. its tall but it looks good or atleast i think it does and teh new focus doesnt look half bad either. but all in opinion

back on page one some one photoshopped the roofline down and it looks amazing… to bad it wont be made like that.