zx2ms tuner party idea

we ought to arrange a zx2ms tuner or member bash/party…

At your shop? I’d be over/down. Im near Harrisburg Pa but next week I leave to go to WyoTech for 9 months and thats probably an hour 45mins north of you.

Anyhow, Im over on TeamZX2.com more and you havent been there… Did the guys there scare you off with doubting you and everything? They are coming around more. But as Im guessing you can tell, everybody on this forum is more layed back and no BS goes on here.

Sounds like fun to me, but I don’t think my wife ‘n’ I have any more vacation time available this year.

  • Darron

I would be down for it. Maybe we could setup a build/installer day then the next day a small show some place. Just some ideas…

Right now I hate being in California.

In about 2 years that “show some place” could be at my shop… Plans to open a shop or doing it outta a garage somewhere and be fully functional by 2008. Nate (Nike) is possibly moving up to Pa out northwest of Jayco’s place next spring. Then when Im done with classes, he might be joining me and open a Body/Customization shop together here in South Centeral Pennsylvania.

wish i could leave the state :cry:

lol I live in Texas. :frowning:

I know Ironmark & myself would be down for this. Or ast least i think he would be.

Ant way let us know what you come up with . I live about 4hrs away from you, and marks a hr away from me. If your interested theres a show on oct 21 that a bunch of us are meeting at. It’s Droptoberfest A pretty big show like Nopi.

where is droptoberfest, im might just drag me any my over worked slef up there, il blow the dust of of one of my S/R’s

yeah im working on getting the time off for it. as of right now it looks like Im going to be working an overnight in order to come down. Ill probably have popa smurf drive while I sleep.

Ill get the time and date officially.
i know its oct 21 and in Nanicock Pa. (sp) theres going to be a auto x enent, BUrn out, STrero and car show events. I have a few suprises that NO one know’s about. So it’s going to be interesting. Ant how i’ll get the info tonight. I’m off to work.

You can do it I can help… Hell i need help!!!

I said I was in for dropfest too!

Yrea i know If marks pulling a all nighter to come to the show nick his bed is yours. I can put up at least 1 or 2 ppl.

id have to clear it with the ‘roommates’. AKA the parents. other then that youd probably have to share the bed with 2 dogs…

id pefer a hotel lol

A place to rest at someone’s house or a hotel. It doen’t matter to me really.

I only have one dog. He sleeps in my bedroom. I have a extra bedroom and a Couch in the bar area. Yes i said Bar I have a fully stocked bar.THe only bad thing about that is i dont drink anymore.

i can help you with your alcohol problem… im like ron white on comedy central walk around with a scotch and a cig in my hand lol.

" I was drunk in a bar in New York City" LOL great stuff