Ok, weird problem… I just installed the pots mod the other day, hope thats not what caused the problem… prolly not, cause Ive barely used em, only for about 10 minutes total… ok… I was driving down the road today in 5th gear cruisin about 55… no aggressive driving (no pots either)… and all of a sudden, my power just cuts out on me… like pressing the gas does jack sqaut… then the tach dies… but the cars still running… so I pull off to the side of the road… car off… sit there a minute, hope it goes away… start it up again…really nasty idle, sputtering between about 500 and 1k… press the gas… cuts out for a sec, then makes deep nasty roar from intake, and loud annoying rattle coming out of the throttle body… I had to drive it home, which was hard as crap because of the incredible lack of power, and cause I now have to pump the gas pedal to get it to do anything… and nobody I can find knows whats going on… I bet the pots screwed it up, somethin wrong with the fuel system is my guess. Anybody got any ideas???

mine did the same stuff right before my battery and alternator died

Mine did that when my VCT went out.

The VCT would actually make a whole lot of sense… just how I see the cause of the problems and stuff… somebody else told me the computer might be fried… but wouldn’t the car just not work if that was so?? How much did getting the VCT fixed cost ya Scott, and how exactly is that done??

Well, seing as to how it was still under waranty, it only cost me $25. To the best of my knowledge, they peplaced the exhaust cam gear. The VCT is inside it.

Mine has done the same thing both times I lost my battery and alternator.

Camshaft sensor error… wutever that means… I took it to Ford, only cause nobody else I know of around here can fix sensors… Guy there says if it’s the VCT I’m looking at $600… other camshaft sensor will only be like $200… I’m gonna cry, cause I’m just a teenager with a job at a grocery store… grrrrr.

sounds like a VCT delete is in your future…

exhaust cam gear - 100$
VCT adapter for adjustable cam gear - 24$
CVT adapter bolt - 3.95$
Webcam - $289

total = 416.95$

use the other 200$ and try to get a SCT to get rid of the CEL light.


[b]OHHH…OK…I know what it is…It’s not the VCT

It’s the cam position sensor. Also known as a “cam-sync”. It’s on the front driver’s side of the head & it has 2 wires comming out of it. Only 2 crews holding it on. I’ll ask my freind if he has a spare lying arround & get you a good price on it. But, you may want to just check the wires to see it they are connected properly. The wires may have just come loose.


I know this might be a dumb question for most of you but what exactly is the VCT. Had a lot of people tell me to just go ahead and delete it but I’d like to know what the hell it is first.

VCT stands for Variable Cam Timing. The exhaust cam on the ZX2 has a unit that varies the timing of the cam. This is done to scavenge exhaust, so that it runs cleaner & more efficiently. Unlike the V-tec, the VCT on our car isn’t for added power, but for better fuel economy & better emissions. If you have strict emissions standards where you live, it may not be advisable to do a VCT delete.


Ok…that $200 for the cam position sensor is crazy as hell!!!



Any time you get parts from Ford their gonna be extremely high like that. Your basically payin for the name.

Plus he’s prolly sayin 200 put in to but still…

Takes 5 mins to do with one hand tied bhind your back…theiving dealerships :evil:

OMG!!! Ford dealerships suck ASS!!! I got a phone call from them yesterday night, and they were like, “We went ahead and ordered the camshaft sensor and put it on for you, and now we’re going to run some more diagnostics to see if something is wrong with your catalytic convertor and is making this clicking noise.” I was like, “Hell nah!!!” They installed the thing for me, I discovered while away from here that I could easily do this by myself, even though I was just gonna get the part from ford for like $35 and put it in… but noooooo, they had to go into all this other crap, that I’m gonna get charged for. F!!!

All you have to do is say that you did not authorize that work and you will not pay for it. Call them up & tell them that you did not authorize the work. If they say you did, tell them they are mistaken. But DO NOT back down.

If they fixed it without your consent, they’re shit-out-of-luck. Even if you asked them to diagnose the problem, they still have to get autorization from you to do the repair. If they find something new in the proccess, they have to notify you BEFORE repairing it. They cannot just go ahead & repair things on their own accord.

The reason I know these things is because my Dad owned a Ford/Lincoln/Mercury dealership until he died & I grew up around that dealership.

Also, print off that screen for the part & show it to them. Ask the to explain how a $17.82 part cost $200. If they say labor, simply explain that 2 screws & a simple 2-wire connector are all you have to undo to replace it. If it took the mechanic more than 5 minutes, he was billing you while on one of his numerous coffee/smoke break.


If you didn’t authorize it, they can’t charge ya.

  • Darron

Heh Uncle owns a ford dealership to. They probably will say labor cost plus their sensor will be more expensive from their part sourcer. But most of it will be labor. All ford dealerships have a over exagerated amount of time written down for everything that could be done to your car. I can almost bet their chargin you for hours of labor even if it took them 5 mins. If the book says thats how long it would take thats what they charge you for. Unless of course it takes longer but it never does cuz like I said the book seriously over shoots the time on ever project, thats why if you can do somethin yourself or know an independant mechanic you trust use them. I always try to avoid dealerships unless I got warrenty.

But anyways yeah like they said, don’t pay it. No authorization-No pay simple as that. Don’t let em talk you into it either cuz they’ll sure try. Tried to do that to me before to but thats another story and this shits gettin long enough as it is 8) .

I didn’t wanna go into all the book lists…but it is true. My blood pressue is going up just thinking about it. :evil:

Oh yeah and I’m not just pickin on Ford dealerships its all dealerships in general.