Won the frackin lottery.

My Z has ABS…

Found the ABS fuse in my engine bay, its yellow colored smirk looking up at me. Last car I drove with ABS I nearly crashed on the freeway when a SUV switched lanes into mine then decided it would be a good idea to ride the brakes all of a sudden. My foot hit the floor but I almost gave it a love tap, not a fun feeling.

Roush, you said that pulling the fuse would shut it down, but I’m wondering. Are there gonna be cables or some such that I’ll have to leave disconnected when I do the EGT swap?

When i was a Police officer way way back all we did was take out the fuse. This disengaged the abs sensors and allowed the breaks to lock up. A lot of police departments did this. Yes they tought us how to drift in the academy. With ABS drifting is impossible. Newer cop cars come with the option of switching the ABS off while in pursuit.

Well at least that confirms that little stunt I pulled a month ago was a powerslide, not a drift. Though I guess the ABS isn’t connected to the hand brake. But are there any sensor wires I’m gonna have to tape off for the EGT swap?

Honestly I thought you might have won the actual lottery and figured you would have said performance parts for all.

What a downer…What a jip…We who have snow don’t get ABS, but you guys do?

Garbage. Oh well. It’s easier for me to change my brakes than you because of lack of gay sensors.

  • Darron

? I never noticed a difference.

Er, do you mean just putting on new pads, or the EGT swap?

as im in the process of this same swap I think that all the ABS is another wire hooked up to the brakes. Unless you connect it the ABS wont work on the swap. You need to check the parts Mike sent you to see if the knuckle has the ABS plug. I know my knuckles do, but I dont have ABS on my car.

I don’t think they do. They are over at my dad’s place right now, but I looked em over earlier, and saw nothing to the effect. This is a problem, mainly because of my dad. He sees something out of place, we might but heads over it.

Odd though, when I was changing my front brake pads I noticed nothing attached to the caliper other than the brake line. Are we sure that it wasn’t a wire attached to the brakes themselves on the ZX2 and only on the EGT?

Odd though, when I was changing my front brake pads I noticed nothing attached to the caliper other than the brake line. Are we sure that it wasn't a wire attached to the brakes themselves on the ZX2 and only on the EGT?

I have heard of this. Check your back wheels, they may have the wires you would have expected to see on the fronts.

on the zx2 the abs is a internal sencer(sp). it reads when the breaks are applied hard and quickly. like the fuel cut off switch in the trunk.

You should be able to just disconnect the fuse. AS far as any wiring going to the back wheels If there is just unhook the wires conecyors and wrap them off and tuck them away somewhere.

I should probably start my own post but this one seems to be talking about the same thing. I have ABS but Ive locked my fronts up on at least three seperate occasions. Is this supposed to happen, and is it better to remove the ABS? Why?

make sure you have it. NOt Just the Fuse if so theres something wriong with it . as far as tro remove it I dont personnally like ABS. I want to be able to power slide or skid if i want

On the rears EGT’s it was 2 wires plugged into a two pole connector. almost looks like a computer jumper wire.

I’m looking into it more, hope to have full details on the system later.

I dought yours has it Ray. I think yours is from a 94 EGT I dont think the earylier EGT’s didnt have abs

Darth…I’ll buy the rear ABS parts if you still have them.

lol, if I knew how to get them OFF the frackin car.

The reluctors should be pressed on. So the most practical is to sell the rear brakes as complete assemblies when you do the EGT swap. The specific parts I am looking for are. The rear reluctors (the things that look like little gears) and the magnetic pick-up assemblies.

So how much do you want for the rear brakes?

PM me your addy so I can do a weight calculation. My work lets me ship certain things for free as long as they are under a certain weight, which I’m rather sure the brakes go over, so at least I will be able to get a massive discount.

I am triing to understand all this jaber about ZX2 and ABS. Every car that I have seen with ABS has a sensor on all the hubs, and a fuse. MY wifes new ZX2 (03 with every feture under the sun) has an ABS fuse, but I have sean no sensors on the on the hubs. So does she or does she not have ABS? Tyanks a million.