wishlist, help please

Right now my car is completely stock, I’m on a tight budget too lol, making a wishlist right now

also wondering all the parts to a good exhaust system, im looking on truebendz right now and i don’t see anything but tubing system no catback or w.e. There is a magnaflow addon and resonator

any help would be nice! I’m a newb

the next post is my wishlist

I’ve been looking at ZXtuner.com and found some parts that I think fit my budget and what I’m looking for.

Hopefully somebody has some feedback on these parts.

Here they are:
Suspension Springs - ZXtuner Lowering Set
Intake Kit - ZXtuner “Roush” Style
Pulley - Underdrive - MAC Performance
Short Shifter - ZXtuner
Shift Knob - 2000 S/R Style

To install any of these parts do I need any other things, like upgraded bushing for springs…? also what about struts, I’m looking at the SR struts and would it be a waste to get lowering springs without struts? Or anything for the intake system?

if you do anything w/ zxtuner, make certain the item is in stock before ordering. for the springs, dzls2300 at madracingconcepts.com is what I got, 89 shipped! for the intake, if you want the best get one from http://www.overkillengineeringmotorspor … 03zx2.html yes it’s pricey, but awesome. The pulley is fine, but better deals are on ebay for used ones. short shifter i’d recommend a twm. www.twmperformance.com is the site, they’re the best. the shift knob is from ford, it will not fit the twm shifter however.

Thanks, I thought the intake would be legit since it’s cheap and also a mock of the SR intake

You sound sketchy about ZXtuner.com, is it sketch?

I would not call rob at zxtuner sketchy. He is a really busy guy. If he has stuff in stock it’s shipped asap. Other people have had some occurrences where he has taken a while to ship stuff when it has to be ordered. I’m not really sure of what exactly it was. There was one time I wanted to order parts and couldn’t get ahold of him due to him being super busy. Then the next time i ordered I got my stuff in a matter of days.

As long as I’m not getting my cash taken haha, damn BTW those shifters are ill but I can’t afford those atm

save your pennies for a TWM or B&M, they are very very hard to beat. Very good quality shifters and worth the money :slight_smile:

Where abouts in oregon do you live? I live in beaverton!

damn will do, if you put it that way :smiley:

these are my first mods btw, is it a good idea to purchase springs and SR struts and the roush intake before i do anything else?

I live in Redmond, over by Bend, Oregon.

Nothing wrong with doing suspension and intake. The zx2 seems to suffer from the “bogging down” in the crappy heat, and an intake definitely helps with that, you’ll notice a lot better throttle response.

My biggest noticeable mods were all in the suspension, motor mounts, bushings, and shifter.

so struts are definitly a must then? what motor mounts would you suggest? and which bushing are legit?

I went with the energy suspension inserts. I love them so far. My setup for suspension and shifter is:

KYB GR2 struts
Suspension techniques springs
Energy suspension master bushing kit
Energy suspension shifter stabilizer bushings
Energy suspension motormount inserts
B&M Shifter

If you plan on trackdays and a serious setup there are some pretty cool coilover setups people have done. Anything over stock is nice lol. Not to say they handle badly stock, not by any means, but even that setup was night and day.

Thanks alot for your help man, could I pm you if I have more questions?


might also wanna get a new rear sway bar, they’re from 91-96 escorts and improve handling greatly. They usually don’t cost over $45 shipped either.

Agreed. Since a 19mm sway bar was night and day. If you go with the wagon years around that time you get a 21mm.

I thought the 21mm was only on the GT??

nope, gt’s, wagons, as i found out a few weeks back also lxe’s so I’m assuming tracer lts’ also

truebenz has a great review alot of escort owners have loved them, try ultrarev.com for more parts. That is where i got my clutch, flywheel and short throw shifter. Planning on getting at least a clutch for my protege from them this summer.