White wrap-around spoiler (I found a pic!)

I didn’t know what to call it… I have the flat across the edge of the trunk spoiler. What I want is one of the spoilers that’s like a U-shape that is kinda raised around the trunk. If this made any sense to you, I’m looking for a white one, but will take black or red. :smiley:

for the millionth time, it’s not a supra spoiler, it looks like this- wow, can’t get it to post the pick, but I do have the links

[url=http://www.putfile.com/pic.php?pic=main/7/19617331460.jpg&s=f10]http://www.putfile.com/pic.php?pic=main ... .jpg&s=f10[/url] [url=http://www.putfile.com/pic.php?pic=main/7/19617322921.jpg&s=f10]http://www.putfile.com/pic.php?pic=main ... .jpg&s=f10[/url]

I think what you’re looking for is a Supra spoiler.

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some of the older zx2s have a spoiler that looks very similar to the Talon’s spoiler, that’s what I’m looking for

there was only one wing offered on the ZX2 through its production run .
i think your thinking of a celica wing a lot of members seem to have done this mod

there’s 3 or 4 zx2s around here that have a spoiler that looks like the one from the Talon or Sunfire… I’ve talked to 2 of them, and they’re the original owner of the car, and that’s the original spoiler…

Fallen, if you can take a pic of the spoiler your talking about. The only ones that we can think of are the stock one or the celica one.

Yea get a pic if you could. We’re not douting you and i just thought of something. Like in the case of the SC200 zX2 may be a dealership by him did a little customizing at the dealership and we might have a new wing idea.

Just see if you can get pics. Like i said there was only one Ford Factory wing . My ZX2 is a early early build date 6/97
One of the first builds mine even has a Mazda part num. on the bell housing. and i have the pancake wing

and mine was one of the last ones made for 03 and I also have the same spoiler

I’ve been driving around looking for these zx2s so I can take a picture… I’ll get one posted as soon as I find it… I’ve seen several of them driving around. There is a least a black one, white one, 2 red ones and like 3 or 4 green ones. Like I said, 2 of the people said that they came stock on the car. (Too bad I didn’t get picks then…) The spoiler looks almost just like the spoilers that wrap around the trunk and back windshield of the last generation Talon or some of the Sunfires but on a zx2 and it sits at the edge of the trunk… Looking through pics online (can’t find a zx2 with this spoiler, but I found something close.) it looks like it might have been a special editon spoiler based on the spoiler off of the Escort RS200 rally car.

the rs200 wing looks like this


are you sure your thinking of the same thing

the wing that’s at the top of the back windshield. In some of the pics I’ve seen, it’s one piece and more rounded…

I suck at posting pics, but it looks like this-


but a little smaller, and down on the tunk instead of up on the window

Seriously, you should be shot for having a spoiler like that.

up on the window like that or down on the trunk like I was talking about? The zx2s I’ve seen with it are freaking awesome looking, and I really need to find one and take a picture so you guys don’t think I’m nuts or something.

The red car with the spoiler up above the window. Only tall hatchbacks (like a Zx3, not a supra) are allowed a wing above the rear window.

The pic of the red car is a Cosworth Escort RS 200 but i get the idea of what you mean. Ttry to ask around the local Ford dealership’s this wing your thinking about has to be a dealership add on so they might know what they used it might just be a Sunfire wing or some other Oem wing from a nother car company.

As I said at the very beginning of the thread, but no one’s cared to notice…it’s a supra style wing. Makes it look like you have a big ole basket handle on the trunk of your car.

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when I hear “supra style” you’re talking about a wing that goes up right? it’s attacted on either side, but is raised high in the middle? looks like you can pick up the car with it… this spoiler is EXACTLY like the stock wing (so totally flat along the trunk) but it’s u-shaped and not straight across.

yep…kinda like this?

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updated the first post

!!! I think you have stumbled upon something new. I have never seen that wing on a ZX2 before!!!