What is this???

Does anyone know what the small (1 1/2" long) ceramic piece is that is mounted behind the right hand shock tower on my '99 ZX2? It has 2 wires leading into it, but I have no clue as to what it is. It been bothering me for a while, not knowing what it is. : :?

Top left corner in the photo. Behind the shock tower.

not sure what or where it is. Can you take a picture? that might be a little more helpful.

Yeah take a pic.

Woa, I don’t think I have that on my Z.

Can’t tell from that picture.

  • Darron

If you are refiring to that blue thing in the upper left hand corner of the pic then we will need a better pic. however, what state are you in, do they have emission laws? also did your car come with a factory security chip alarm?

I’m in Nova Scotia, Canada. Bought the car in Ontario, though. I do have the remote keyless entry/alarm, is that a possibility?

I would take a better picture.

Took this photo today… Hope it helps

Do you have ABS?

OOooooooooo…Never thought about that. I know it’s not in my engine bay and I know I don’t have ABS…

  • Darron

if i remember right i think it has something to do with day time running lamps…i think its required in canada and why we don’t have them here. i remember someone on zx2-riders had that on his car as well and we had a difficult time figuring out what it was

I don’t have ABS, But I do have daytime running lights. I never thought of that. Could be related to them, but how…? It’ s ceramic.

I would say, turn on your car open the hood (your lights should be on already) then unplug the harness… the lights will then shut off… proven. :sunglasses:

I’m in Canada, I’ll check tomorrow if I have one too, cause I have DRL’s also.

Although on first glance, I don’t remember ever seeing something there.

After a bit of research I have found out that the itemin question isa resister. As nodnarb85 staited this is for the DRL’s so he wins a cupy-doll and a kick in the nuts. ZZZX2 if you don’t have that block there and you do have DRL’s then your’s were added at the dealership.

I’ve always wanted a cupy-doll and you’re throwing in a kick in the nuts, man this is the greatest day ever

lol :smiley:

Hey… I’d like a kick in the nuts too :cry:

Thanks, Guys. Now I know. Ironically, I’ve disabled my DRLs, so when I unplugged the resister, it did nothing. Never thought of putting the fuse back in. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey pauly, I do have it on my car too!!!