What do you do for a living?

As the topic states what do you do for a living?

Me… I am a Web Designer for Disney.

Residential Counselor for the Developmentally Disabled (retarded)

Computer tech at my campus’ bookstore. Soon to be employed by Apple Computer.

I make floral designs on the side, I’m currently seeking taxable employment at the moment. Also money grows, I sell roses and grew crocus flowers to make saffron from but that didn’t turn out so well. Also cut grass and prep and clean pools during the summertime.

I’m Air Force, Electronic Warefare. It’s alright I guess. I’m in England, and it kinda sucks, but oh well. At least I get to travel! :slight_smile:

retired military/now autobody and collision technician. in short i am in autobody and paint.

Home Depot part timer THe rest of the time Im a stay at home dad

right now i’m a commercial lawn applicator–but i’m in the process of changing jobs, i will soon be employed by a company that makes barges, as a fitter.

I work at the helpdesk for an ISP. I do tech support for phone, cable, digital cable, internet, websites, domain hosting, domain registration, business networks, and phone/internet combo mta devices.

(edit) I also make wine on the side :wink:

Not working right now…used to work at Avis Lube as a entry level car care/hood tech guy.

I work in Techsupport for a local ISP (9-6) and clean rugs and floors at night (8-12).

Im attending WyoTech (automotive school). Im currently taking Trim/Upholstry and am the farthest ahead in my class, a little over a week ahead of schedule and we just started 3 weeks ago LOL… (3 month class)

Then I learn collision/metal working and MIG and TIG welding for 3 months. Then I go to Refinishing (Prep/Painting) for 3 months.

Im trying to add on Chassis fabrication so I can make a roll cage in the ZX2, pipe bender (make more roll cages and similar), and a motorcycle frame and jig to make a motorcycle in the class…

Awsome man. Nice to know we can count on one of our own for serious advice on upgrades.

going to UTI in orlando for auto mechanics

I am a receptionist at a Ford dealership. Hoping to get something else pretty soon here though.


I own Jayco Automotive, former military,

What branch? My dad’s ex-navy.

my dad is a vetran of the marines… lost his left leg…

i work at a grocery store!!! w00t!

Melinda’s dad is ex-marine. :slight_smile:

Landlord, and part time retail services (company that corporations have come and reset aisles, remodel stores, build up stores, or do inventory).