tire question

ok when i get the new motor in im going to need some rubber to hold me to the ground … im probably going to shod the stock wheels in some good rubber for awhile im wonder whats the biggest width i can run on the stock rim … i have 195’s on there now … i was hoping for atleast 205’s with a 50 series tire

Im guessin by stock rims you mean your 14 in zx2’s right? I wouldn’t push em over 195/65-14 without goin to a new size and width. One more size and you should be able to fit what your wantin.

My stock 15" swirlies are only 5" wide, and come with a 185 series tire…I don’t know of anyone running larger than 195 on stock. I doubt a 205 would even go on stock.

  • Darron

Yeah D, your right I forgot my 99 came with the spoked 14 inchers. But yeah to run a 205/50 and 15 in. wheel would work but it’d prolly have to be around 6/6.5 inches or so wide. In other words your just gonna have to upgrade, sucks I know.

According to Tirerack.com, the only sizes available for stock 15" rims, are (stock) 185/60-15, or (optional)195/55-15. And the only option for 14" rims are 185/65-14. As I suspected, 205 on a stock rim is out of the question, however, I have heard people give great reviews of the 195s on their rims. I believe it was ZetecZX2 who got a new set of tires (stock size) on accident after having had 195s on it and could definitely feel a loss of turning stability. So yeah, Tirerack.com is a great source of tire/rim information…maybe not the best place to purchase from, but definitely good for info.

  • Darron

Hey Foos what size are your rims, 17 right. 205/40? Any problems with rubin. I got massive amount of overtime this half with the buisness boom so when I get paid for it I’m gonna be orderin my wheels. Just checkin first though.

I have 17"s with 205/40ZR17s…no rubing issues at all. I used to have 18"s with 215/35ZXR18 with no rubbing too, just for reference.

Preciate it scotty. Wantin to get em ordered in the first half of july.

I have slight issues with the rear passenger tire rubbing when turning left hard and fast and there’s bumps, or on certain other bumps (especially with 3rd person in back seat). But I do have about 45lbs or more of crap in the trunk so that will contribute to it a lot.

(Yes they’re 17" with 205/40 Nitto Neo-Gens)

  • Darron

Well I don’t have a back seat anymore so no worries on the third passenger. All my stereo shit got stolen and I’m probably not gonna replace it just keep the nice componets speakers I got in the doors and spare tires outta their to. Plus I’ve stripped most of my insulation so hopefully I won’t have to worry about it.

Yeah, you should be all gravy. Like I said…only on occasion do I have issues and I got tons of crap in there.

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I just got some 17x7" Motegi DP6 Wheels (gunmetal) on my Zinc Yellow S/R. Let me tell u, its hella hot. So much better than those “daisies.” On my daisies i had Dunlop SP5000s 205-55-ZR-15s. On my new rims I got B.F. Goodrich 205-40-ZR-17s. These hold the road extremely well. Im gonna post pics on a site that i have in the near future. I also installed a system and i have to get pictures.

Wow…it musta been really hard to get those 205/55-R15 tires on a 16 inch rim. :wink:

  • Darron

P.S. Keep us posted on the pics…if you want we can make a gallery, just fill out the request form on the main site.

Guess I don’t get it. Man I’m bad at sarcasm. Oh well.

Yeah that was playful sarcasm. The daisies on the S/R are a 16" rim and he said he had a tire for a 15" rim on them…I’m assuming it was a typo but I was giving a hard time anyway. :smiley:

  • Darron

No, they are 15s. Trust me dude. Unless ford gave me some random 15" instead of 16s. And no they werent hard and no there wasnt a space between the tire and rim. I replaced the tires with the exact size that came on the car when i bought it from ford. So Im gueesing ur info is wrong, or they gave out different sizes, which i highly doubt. Go to http://zx2sr.com/ to see the list of items, site is under construction however. Can anybody second me on the S/R wheels: 205/55ZR15 Goodyear Eagle (As STOCK)

I have no rubbing issues w/ mine either. They put spacers on that are around 1/4" but i dont think that would change much.

I coulda sworn they were 16’s…

  • Darron

Sorry Foos, I gotta agree with yellow on this one, I’m pretty sure they’re 15’s also

i had some tires laying around and i put them on my stock swirles…i have 2 swirls with 205/50’s and the other two have 225/55’s (the 225’s rub the strut but i just put them on to see if they would fit on the rim)

I have 15" 11 spoke bmw rims on my car so i dont have to worry about my swirles…i just keep the two 205’50 swirles as back-ups.

So 205’s will fit…does anybody know if 215’s will rub the strut??