tire question

i have 215’s…but my offset is different from stock…it’s 42mm i think. and damn this is an OOOOLD thread!

Well when i had the 225’s on my bmw wheels they would fit in the front without rubbing anything but the fender because they stick out just a little. How do i determine the off-set on my bmw rims…i dont have a clue what it is.

Goto the Tire Rack and input you car and their computer will tell you what offset you will need.

if you have 15in rims the best tire would be aa 205-55R15 these will clear suspension and body and will not effect you speedometer what so ever. lot wider tire same outside diameter…

I’ve seen alot of sizes on this thread, but I’m wondering what size tire would be best for me, with 16X6.5 inch rims. I know that the tires on them now, are too big, so now I’m wondering. I’m running 205 55 16’s right now (well, not in the winter- running 14" snow tires), and I can’t seem to get a straight answer as to what size they should be. Help, please!

205/45-16 <----Recommended size for 16’s by TireRack. TireRack is a very good source of tire/wheel information.

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Thanks. :slight_smile:

daisy came factory with goodyear f1’s they were 205 55r15 i know i have a set of daisy rims layingabout the shop along with a few sets of swirlies

I have 205/55R15’s on a stock 15 swirly rim.

Tires were crap so loking now to put on 205/60R15 cheaper passenger tires.

The 205 run fine.

I am trying to find out who is running what and suggestions?


You can also ask for tires with the Focus stock dimensions. I use them and they only lasted 1 year, but I am always pushing the tires. But they were economy, $25/tire. Can’t get much cheaper than that.

Well I ended up going for Fuzion HRi’s 195/60/R15’s.

I did this cause 205/55/15’s are damn hard to find now.
Not the flavor of the month anymore.

The fuzions seem pretty good especially for the Florida weather, rainy & sunny every other day.

They were $55 a tire ( $280 fitted with all the trimmings)… better than the $80 plus cost of the 205/55’s, that would have to be ordered in.

I also had an alignment check done and was out a little so $55 bucks later and all up cost of $360 and I am out the door again with new boots on my Z’s feet.

I will keep you all posted on how they handle but for a short cruise, they were great on the dry road, handled better & a little softer which is nice.
Good grip ( a few small tests :evil: ) and I am happy.

So the money I saved on the more expensive wider yet shorter profile tire, paid for the alignment and some change back to me :slight_smile: .