So there I was, coming back home from La Crosse heading into Rochester…great story so far eh? I merge from I-90 west onto 52 north. Peachy…I go down 52 for about 2 miles and of course, cop sitting there picking off people. I was in the fast lane, going with the flow of traffic. I saw him, coasted, and he does this cute little hand signal that I interpereted as 'PULL THE *UCK OVER!" Put it this way, he wasn’t happy. Alright, so I pull over before he even gets his lights on, I knew it was for me. I sat there, and he asked if I knew how fast I was going. I said 72, because thats what I thought. Well, Apparently I was going 77. Alright, well, license, and insurance handed over, he goes to his car, runs it, whatever. I have never had a ticket, and I just did the Steer Clear program through State Farm. He comes back, gives me the ticket, great. He tells me the court date and such, and the distance he clocked me at, 811.5 feet. What is the margin of error here? He told me about how I can plead my case and such, again, whatever. Well, that afternoon I was looking at the ticket, and he put 77 in a 55 zone. That’s 22 over for you people that can’t do the math. Funny thing is, the zone I was in is a 65 mph zone, and what’s funnier is that he was directly across the highway from a sign that states that. It states on the ticket where on 52 I was, near the Marion Road ramp. So, I have confirmed twice that it is a 65 mph zone. I know I am going to attend the court date, and I have a week to prepare, so help me out fellas, give me some arguements! My first arguement is that I am not guilty of the charge of going 77 in a 55, because that is not correct, it was a 65 zone. Thanks…btw if you couldn’t tell, the cop was a douche…

Try something like this… http://funnyjunk.com/pages/traffic_ticket.htm I know, im not helping.

Heres the deal, you can get off on a technicallity and not have to pay shit because the ticket was written out incorrectly. Ive known people that have gotten off of paying a ticket because the officer put the wrong paint color of the car, or the wrong first name, etc. etc. Your best bet would be to go to where he clocked you, and take pictures of the corresponding Speed Limit signs. Then when you go to court present these items and plead your case.

Yea, I was planning on doing that, and I have been reading up on things of that sort. For the most part, I don’t think I would get off if it was just getting the color wrong, but who knows? The thing that gets me, I know he was profiling, and he knew I was an 18 year old kid that probably would not show up in court and just pay the ticket without thinking. I fully intend to follow this up, and I intend to bring pictures and such. The officer must also provide that he tuned the gun before he left, he tested it with an external/ reliable mechanism at the time that he set it up. Also the fact that the accuracy from 811.5 feet when there were several other cars present, and the fact that he knew it was mine are going to be put in there. I am going to deny the 77, and argue 72, because he said that was my speed directly in front of him. He said he got me right when I came around the bend, which is also uphill. ugg…what a dick…

Sucks you gotta go to court, but I’m sure you’ll get off.

  • Darron

to lessen the charge if they are going to hit you wiht the fine, bring pictures of where he was sitting, and the sign directly acrossed from him.

This may also squash the ticket, as it was filled out incorrectly, and as such is not a legal document per say(may want to consult a lawyer on that though…).

as far as arguing the validity of the gun… DONT DO IT!!! unless an officer you know instructed you too. also dont deny the 77, tell them that you actively search your mirrors and gauges while driving, and the last you checked the speedometer before passing the officer you were at 72mph, however you had your foot on the gas to be able to climb the hill(if it were steep…). Let the court decide if the officer was in the wrong for faulty equipment or incorrectly filling out the legal document in your hand.

What every you do, don’t say that you were doing 72! You are convicting yourself of a crime. When you go to court, you are trying to prove that you were innocent ONLY!

I did get my name spelled incorrectly on a ticket and it was still allowed.

But, you have so many discrepancies. It’s unheard of. Make sure the officer goes first so you know exactly what he’s trying to prove against you.

First I would argue that you were moving with the flow of traffic. Try to remember how many cars, how many lanes and where you were in the pack. How can he single you out of a pack? (unless it’s laser or photo, but it is most likely plain radar due to cost) He can’t, that is why the NYS law states to move with the flow of traffic. And mention that you were picked out of the many other cars present. Why? I totally believe that police profile.

If that doesn’t go over well, mention that you were also in a 65 zone when he caught you. On the ticket it should mention the mile marker that the ticket was issued at. Also mention you came from a 65 zone to a 55 zone, but you were coming off a merge. You were going slowly when you merge and if he caught you right after the merge…how is it possible that you sped back up to 77 in such a short distance. Also mention, “especially if I see a cop on my tail.”

Just to many things wrong with the officer’s statement. Once the judge decides that this ticket should be thrown out. Get a lawyer and go after the Police for profiling. But DON’T mention it in the court. You are already out numbered and it is a slap in the face when they are deciding your fate.

most places allow up to 10mph over the posted speed limit. 72 is well within that, 77 is not. But mirror is right, you are there to prove that your innocent, and saying that you were doing 72 is Tehcnically a crime, as your over the speed limit.

Proving profiling is not an easy thing to do. I wouldnt even attempt to go that route. There would be too much cost involved and I doubt you would be able to prove profiling. definately consult a lawyer about it, but I highly doubt anything will come from it other then more court costs for yourself.

I would also mention that you had jsut recently taken the state farm Steer Clear program, that may buy you some brownie points in the eyes of the court.

Yea, I’m not going to step on any toes here, I just don’t want this on my record. I wasn’t planning on saying that he was profiling, I am just pissed cause I know he was…tinted windows…rims…yea…I was debating the validity of the gun, but if he can’t read a sign 30 feet away from him, how is he supposed to pick me off from 811.5 feet? I was reading last night and I saw that only about 3% of the people that are issued tickets actually fight them in court, and 20-25% of cops don’t even show up. If anything, hopefully he doesn’t expect me to come in and he won’t show up and make things really easy. Anywho…yea, if you guys think of anything else…feel free to share…

this is exactly why i don’t like cops, they pick and choose who they go after.

these guys have given u a lot of good advice. it’s amazing!

yea, they do that alot. I was leaving school and cops just sit in there making shure people dont speed and stuff. Well I was leaving and he followed me for a few miles then he turnt on his lights and the car he was behind pulled over and the cop passed, so I pull over and he pulls over behind me. Im thinking WTF??? I wasnt speeding or doing anything illegal. Turns out it was b/c of my tint. Im guessing they discovered I had tint 7 or so months after I put it on. Its just that one officer that wants to be a prick and screw you over.

we’ve got this cop “officer king” that drives around on a motorcycle that does the exact same thing.

one time my bro got pulled over because the pedestrian that he let cross wasn’t all the way on the sidewalk when he started moving again. what BS!

Um, I have 4 tickets on my record and they are all 15 mph or more over the limit. (Got 2 in 2 months one for 90 in a 65 and one for 80 in a 65) Cops LOVE me!!! I have never fought one in court. I have however, taken the state offered 4 hour driving class. That makes you pay less than half the cost and makes your insurance company not be able to see it. But, I do know that if the cop doesn’t show up at court, you automatically win your case and don’t have to pay. But don’t bet on that because he knows who you are and what you were driving… also your age. He will be there :evil: just to prove how much of a prick he is. Make sure you have sufficient evidence!!

Someone was telling me just yesterday, that in NY, Cops are now allowed to have another officer stand in for them. However, I would still argue the validity of the officers statement, as the replacement was not the one that made the stop.

Another thing that officers like to do is sit on the edge of 2 speed zones, usually a lower speed to a higher speed, and they nail you when you accelerate to match the new speed limit. This HAS happened to me before, so i know its true. Cop nailed me for 55 in a 35, meanwhile, It was an end 35mph zone sign that he nailed me at.

Funny thing is, I didnt realize he was after me, and I kept driving as he was on the opposite side of the road and there was traffic. So i kept driving, assuming he was pulling over on of the people in the line of traffic. I sorta made the officer chase me, as by the time the traffic got away, i was about 1/2 mile away, and almost out of site. lol

Next time pull into a drive way down the street where you can’t be seen.

Great story. My cousin was driving fast as ussual when he saw a cop turn on his lights and he knew it was for him. He turned down a street, made a U-Turn and was coming back out onto the main street, but the cop already made the turn and they both looked at eachother as they passed by. My cousin got on the phone and called his buddy, sped out onto the main road. He went to his buddy’s of his house and parked in his garage and then closed the door. He totally got away.

I never condoned this action, but it is a good story.

LOL!!! That’s hilarious mirror. I don’t know anyone with a garage so that wouldn’t work for me. Good luck to ya man, I hope they can’t stand in for each other and I hope you get off. Cops totally suck. They just think they can make an example out of a younf person with a totally HOT car. Either that or they’re jealous cuz they have a wife and kids and can’t afford to have a car like that. LOL! O Well… his loss, your gain!

I just took pics of my car today everyone! I haven’t gotten to the good stuff yet. Just lights, etc. You’ll see. Keep an eye out and let me know!

–Kristen :smiley:

that’s funny, smart kid. my bro’s teg is the most noticable car in the tri-city area, cops know him, but the dumbass speeds anyway. he’s actually suspended now (as of yesterday) because of his $6000 ticket, they dropped it to $300, but he’s suspended.

Yeah that’s the only bad thing about spiffin’ up your car is the police attention… I’ve often thought about doing what you were talkin’ 'bout back in my neighborhood Mirror, it’s got a couple li’l side streets I could go through to shake 'em. Plus the lady across the street lets me use half her garage for my car. That’s great 'cause I’m actually parking her for the winter this year. YAY!

How the heck did he get a $6000 ticket?!

  • Darron

Yea, Ive been a delevery driver for about 2 months now and I know most of the back roads around here. I went past a cop at just under 65 in a 40 and he was traveling in the opposite direction and he hit his brakes and last I saw him, he was half way turnt around and I decided f*** this, and downshifted to 3rd and took off, took a few side roads and he had no clue where I went. My brother was in the car (15) and he was freaking out, after about 2 miles of back roads, hes said “Why dont you drive the speed limit from now on?” I started laughing and said “good idea”

I’ll be completely honest. I don’t support running from the police.

I think the reason that police will quickly pounce on Tuners is because we can weave in and out faster than they can. We are smaller and can fit through smaller, more confined spaces. And we can instantly accelerate out of a corner without loosing control of the vehicle. Crownvicks might be fast on the straightaway, but you get them down in city streets or twisty suburban streets, they have no chance. So they bust us every chance they get.