Think this could bring me trouble?

This post is about two things, first being about in general. I don’t want to make a habit of talking shit of, because despite some of the jerks who frequent there there are a LOT of awesome people as well. Plus I really don’t like making a habit of talking shit in general. But there was this thread

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Where a guy took an 03 and gave it everything that an S/R had, and put one of the S/R logos that Rob sells over at He received a lot of negative remarks, the worst being called a “ricer.” The thread concluded with what I think the true definition of a ricer is, namely someone who puts logos/mods that do nothing for the car other than to up its poser status. Unlike the guy who moded that 03, since technically not an S/R, it has more of a right to display the logo than a regular modded z.

So the second topic of my post, in the spirt of putting things on our cars that we indeed have accomplished, what do you all think of these?

I think they should be under the window driver and passenger window. They should be right side up and a black or red “X” through them. That is the way kills were displayed in WWI and WWII.

Eh, thought of that. I wasn’t too into the logos on the doors.

very weird but different wow! the only thing i rag on is hardcore ricers that have 3 foot tall wings on front wheel drive cars and kits that look like thay belong on some under water exploring bullshit or on some space craft haha

I read that post over there before and agree> Who cares if it’s not a real S/R the person went to all the trouble of getting the S/R mods. Making a 03 model S/R. So who cares whatr hge does the car looks clean.

and as far as kils on the door. You know i like that idea. I’m actualy thuinking of getting jap flags and gernam flags to show kills

If you owned a Mustang, I would definitly do it, but with a Zx2. The Mustang was used in both theaters and was feared by the Luftwaffe and the Zero.

ROFLMAO!!! nice one Nick! now stop watching the history channel…

Wish I had cable :frowning:

Click the link read the article. Only thing you need to take away from it is Vit is a moron. Thats all there is to it.

Well…what else is new, Chris? I would have been skeptical at first, but knowing that it has all the parts it’s not rice. I wouldn’t have put the badge on, but that’s my opinion. The two posted pics didn’t show up for me…just red “X’s” I even tried going in and getting the address for them and putting them in my address bar…nothing… We really need to re-institue the gallery with the new site. lol

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Ah, thats my bad, my hosting is off of my livejournal, which has issues with pics being shown off site.

agree that people in teamzx2 are too negivative. it’s no more a forum for zx2 fans that wants to HELP out one another.

even if the car is all rice, so what? customizing a car is a personal perference, and we should respect that.

Well, hopefully you don’t encounter some people who are absolute haters when you are away from your car. I’ve seen cars keyed and vandalized over simple stuff like that. But if you aren’t worried, haha, I think its pretty funny :slight_smile:

“and as far as kils on the door. You know i like that idea. I’m actualy thuinking of getting jap flags and gernam flags to show kills”

You’re excluding British and American flags… You’re going to run out of room.

if i put svt stuff on my zx2 would that make me a ricer

My Opinion is…

  1. Ricing out is stupid. Those high quality parts were chosen for an overall concept, not to be slapped on a car for visual appearance.
  2. Badges that didn’t come with the car are rice unless the car actually possess that item. If I could cram a Nissan Skyline engine into my Zx2, it doesn’t get the “GTR” badge because a “GTR” is the whole car. BUT I can put the engine model on as a badge.

This kinda rolls into my thoughts about Street Racing. If I pull up to a light next to a Rx-7 that has done the LS1 engine swap and has a LS1 badge, he shouldn’t challenge me in my Zx2. If he doesn’t have a badge, knowingly he has a huge advantage, he isn’t respectable.

So to me, badges use to be a badge of honor. They shouldn’t be something to be slapped on at will. It needs to be earned, not bought. But putting in down the money, doing the wrench work is a method to earn a badge.

Well said my friend!



It’s just too bad that he has one of the fastest ZX2s around, and is the only good source for Superchips tunes.

Just thought I would pop in and say hello to everyone here! I was cruising this site the other night from work(I am locked out of TeamZX2 at work) and saw this thread. Imagine my surprise to see it had a little to do with my car.

My car does have all authentic S/R parts right out of the S/R in my garage that we aquired with no title and no hopes of getting one so really the parts were doing it no good. It is being slowly rebuilt now as a show car with parts from another ZX2 in the yard and I think if I heard him correctly my husband is putting hydraulics in that one so the S/R parts were better off in my car than in a trash can. As for the badges, they are the actual ones off the S/R also and I was not exactly tickled at the fact that they were on there either but since he did all the work putting it together, I left them alone.

I personally have issues with flashy cars…I do not like to be noticed so if I thought they were anything ricey they would have come off while he was gone one day. I am sure some of you have seen his car on the other forum, it is kitted and molded with a sort of sunset fade and purple paint job, I get absolutely paranoid riding in that thing! It is too loud for me. But like someone else said, to each their own…it is nice to see variety and creativity especially since the cars all came out of the factory looking exactly the same way.

And as for Vit, I knew he would post something and I knew it wouldn’t be nice, it never is from him, right?

So once again “hi” to everyone here!