The Begining of something special

So do I have a time limit when I swtich it on? And, devil’s advocate, can I unprogram it? Plus Nova is an automatic, so isn’t the SCT incompatable?

You can use for awhile, but eventually it learns how to counter the Black Box. Then when you have it off, it has to learn again and return to stock. Then the cycle begins again all over.

There is no real time limit. I would almost hook it to a button rather than a switch or just switch it on when you need the extra power.

Ah, so if I drive it for awhile without the box on, then all’s well hun? That works. Melinda, my fiance drives the car sometimes, and I don’t know if she’ apricate it at full tilt ALL the time. :lol:

thats the thing, it wont run full tilt all the time. Once the computer learns the signal it will counter and you wont have that performance anymore.

I think a button would work great. hit the button to turn it on, and turn it off when done racing or whatever.

I’ve been chatting with mirrorguardian and I think I’m gonna get a SCT. Like I was telling him though, there is something nostalgic about flipping a switch for “turboâ€? mode. :lol:

First thing you need to do is find out what computer code you have. You must take apart the center console. It’s located just below the cigarette liter.

on my old zx2 it was also in the passenger door sill. check there before you take your dash apart.

What year was your old Z?

2002… I wrecked her on some ice, loved the zx2 so much I had to have another one. so I got an 03!

Dude that’s is nearly my story too. Lost my 02 in an accident. I got t-boned and it screwed the frame up. Repairs would have been around $8,000. So I picked up an 03 and now I use the 02 for parts.

I know what you mean about falling in love with this little car though.

Hey is the engine and tranny on those two types compatable? Cuz the 02’s tranny was rebuild like a month before the accident.

Join the club. Damaged 99 which has been a parts car for years, and I drive my 98. All the part are 100% interchangable.


as far as i know the only difference between the pre-02 and 03 was the facia.

Also there were a couple small differences between 98’s and early 99’s. But if you’ve got an '02 parts car who gives a crap right? :slight_smile:

It probably won’t, but just double check with whoever you get the SCT from that it’s smog legal. I know that the Superchip is smog legal, but the Diablo chip is not. So double check before you buy so you don’t end up screwed.

  • Darron

Well, SuperChips is the cheaper version of th SCTx2 Flasher. Both are created by SCT.

Even if you purchase an SCT and are worried about smog, you can always load the stock program back on in less than 5 minutes.

Now onto brakes. I’m still trying to track down a set of rear disk brakes, but I’m going to go ahead and order some steel brake lines, install the front ones first, then just leave the old lines and drum brakes on till I can find some dead SRs or and escort GT.

im actualy in the middle of that swap right now! I would wait to put on the SS brake lines till you can get the whole setup together. This way you only have to bleed your brakes once.

Good point. Know of any other people in your area with a used rear brake set? That question doubles for anyone else, I’ll trust you in inspecting the quality of the gear.

actually there was another EGT setup in the boneyard that about an hour from me. My father was like “we should go get that one becuase its in better condition then what you got”. That was like 3 weeks ago, I dont know if it is there still.

Dude, I will totaly pay you to pick that up for me. The biggest issue I have from getting stuff from out of state is I really can’t inspect it before I get it. I trust you. :slight_smile: