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Ok, I’m getting rather antsy about upgrading my Z because there are so many toys to get for her, but I’m worried about some things erasing the need for others. I’ll start with the big mod I have in mind, maybe I’ll even see if its pactical. I’ve heard of some people droping a tranny and v-6 from a SVT conture. What mods would become unessessary or incompatable afterwards?

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Always start small. As far as practicality, a SVT swap is not really practical. It takes allot of time and money to get it done correctly. Most of the stuff currently out there for the ZX2 would be incompatible or unusable after doing a swap like that. I dont know what is out there for the SVT.

So I guess the real question is if I take my Z to her limit, could she contend with other cars of her class out there?

I’m guessing the answer is yes. Has anyone seen this site:

Cuz its got a lot of neat tips.

the questions is not whether or not the car will be able to reach great limits, but whether or not you are willing to spend the money to get it there. with enough money and engineering almost anything these days can be fixed, tricked, changed, engineered, improved and upgraded. But in doing that, it costs a shitload of money. However, if you want something original, if you want something no one else has, and you are okay with doing that, then yes, it is attainable. Keep in mind with any balloon if you put enough into it that the balloon with eventually pop though.

Doing a tranny swap like that this early in the game isn’t practical at all. Think about this logically.

The engine can only produce so much power. When you change the gearing ratios it makes it easier or harder for the engine to turn the wheels.

The best example is changing wheel diameters on a monster truck:

If you put small wheels on, it is easier for the truck to turn them but you won’t go very fast because you will run out of tranny.

If you put extremely large tires on, it will take alot of HP to get them going but you will be able to go faster, but only to a certain point because you will run out of engine.

So the idea is to find a middle ground in your gear ratios. Most transmissions on stock vehicles have the are the same. Now the SVT transmission might be stronger, but that strength isn’t necessary because your engine doesn’t produce that much HP yet.

Once you max out your transmission or break it, I wouldn’t worry about swapping it. But if you are worried about breaking it, you could get it rebuilt with stronger gears.

Yea theres some good how to’s on there but one of the best mod you can do is free

put the car on a diet. for every 100lbs its like adding 10hp to the car
a example of a quick 100lb diet is :
remove spare tire/jack/tire iron ==== 25lbs
remove back seat =============25lbs
metal weight in glove box ========10lbs
cut holes in inside door skin =======15lbs
cut holes in the bummper renforcements 35lbs
remove lower air resonators========5lbs
cut opening in resonator well========5lbs

total =======================120lbs
price ===============FREE========

There is a 25 pound weight in the glove box?!?! Why the hell would Ford put that in?

I’d say the glovebox weight is closer to 5lbs.

They put it in there so it opens more conveniently. But if you take it out it still opens super smooth.

the svt contour tranny is the same as any focus tranny which does not bolt up to our block

Oh, heh, sorry, I read the lines wrong. Thought the 25 pounds was in the glove box. :oops:

Ok, second major question. Tires. My Z is a 2003 model with the stock rims. Frankly I like them, and would like to keep them, but would I be able to get strong enough tires that would be safe above 120 mph?

So sorry if this is a newbie question.

Absolutely. Every tire comes with a rating on them for max speed. All you have to do is decide on the rating that is best for you.

P - 93 MPH
Q - 99 MPH
S - 112 MPH
T - 118 MPH
U - 124 MPH
H - 130 MPH
V - 149 MPH
Z - 149+ MPH
W - 168 MPH
Y - 186 MPH


Gonna crank that baby all up to Y then.

I’m guessing that those cost the most of all. Anyways, now that I know my tires will not sheer off I need to be able get up to and sustain that speed. The site I linked to before mentions cutting a wire under the cup holders to disable the speed governor. Cutting never sits well with me, especially for that kind of system. A toggle switch comes to mind as a solution, but what about these

[url=] ... 3&offset=0[/url] [url=] ... 5&offset=0[/url]

Has anyone installed one? Any downsides? Also how can you tell if a Z has anti lock brakes?

You don’t get snow, so that doesn’t help… Wet down some pavement…really really wet…then get moving and slam on the brakes with all your might. If you slide, you don’t have ABS, if you don’t and your pedal pulses like a massager…you do have ABS. I don’t know any other way to tell. Most do not that I have heard of…

As for the toggle, that’s another option, or you could get a Superchip or Diablo Chip and they can be programmed to remove the governer without cutting any wires, plus it’ll boost your performance a li’l bit. They require pumping premium though.

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look on your master cylinder for lines, if you see some going to an output box ( like a junction box) thats your abs thing, also look on the brakes for a sensor

Heh, there have been times that I’ve slamed on the brakes and the wheels have locked. Much screeching results. Ok, I’ve decided on getting the ZXTuner black box and asking Rob to wire in a toggle switch. I’ll do the same for the speed governor. I do have a few more questions, I’ll post them when I have the time.

Just remembered my one major question about those two items above. Has anyone using them experienced things that effect smog tests? What mods should I be careful with in case they do screw with smog tests?

You don’t have to concern yourself with the Smog test because you can turn it off. Remember only use the Black Box when you want the power, not all the time, as the computer will learn to counter signal from the Black Box.

Mods you should worry about with a smog test:

  1. Exhaust Header (if the cat is removed)
  2. Cams (advance, retard)
  3. Ignition (advance, retard)
  4. Injectors (size)
  5. MAF (size)
  6. VCT delete.

Honestly, anything having to do with the combustion of the fuel.

So even thou Rob says the new black box is an improvement over the last few, the car’s system can still learn the box’s commands and overide them?

OBDII system was designed to learn

So you can purchase it, but use it selectively. Or you can purchase an SCT which changes the programming of the ECU.