The Begining of something special

ill see if I can get there to get it. not sure what the prices are now but i bought the whole rear subframe for $150.


Sweeeet. Don’t bother with the disks themselves though, I’m goning to get some slot drilled from ZXTuner, I just need everything to mount them. Rear e-brake cables, both rear calipers, rear spindles. That should be it.

Oh, and leave the break lines attached to the calipers, I’m not sure if I can afford the steel ones for a bit.

Is there any supplier of gauge pod mounts for an 03? The ones that Rob has at are for 98-02s only. I have an 02 with the molding, but it doesn’t connect right at the back part of the cabin.

If you are looking for Pods that are all one peice to replace that molding, then no. There are no direct relpacements. Best thing you can do is learn to fiberglass and mold it in.

The insides of the 03’s are the same as the 02’s. Perhaps not in color schemes, but definitly the moldings.