Steering wheel.

I realize that being one out of a handful of members in CA not too many would know about the law out here but hey why not. The steering wheel mod. I know that removing an airbag basically switches the car over to a salvage title, but if I ever sell the car I’m rather sure it will be to another tuner. Besides, replacing the bag and stock wheel shouldn’t be too hard. But is it something that a cop can write a fix-it ticket for? I’m getting a bit fed up with the weight of the stock wheel.

Darth, I’m going to just comment on this and you can take it for what it is worth.

Changing your steering wheel to one without an air bag is a bad idea if you haven't changed your seatbelts and seat. We own small cars on roads with people drive on autopilot in much larger vehicles. I just wouldn't sacrifice the safety of an Air Bag until I have upgraded my safety restraints and chair. I just don't want to see anyone get hurt because the proper percautions were not taken.

I would be inclined to agree with the quote.

  • Darron

Heh, that much I know, I’m one step ahead of you guys.

The belts I’m still working on, but I’m just gathering info for the steering wheel. BTW, I hope that no one thinks that I’m gonna be insulted if anyone shoots down an idea.

Good, good. Didn’t know you did changed your seat.

Its NICE. The little wings on the side help my upperbody stay in place while I’m turning. But, again, my question, is it something that a cop can hassel me for?

Prolly not unless he’s bored and really is being picky…

Nice seat how much lower do you sit?


yeah that looks pretty nice… what kind of seat is that?

Believe it or not, I actually sit about a half inch higher. Had to put a few washers in the custom mount that my dad helped make for the seats to get the seat slider bar to clear. I kinda like the higher eyeline. This be them.

[url=] ... 0049802915[/url]

Price is a bit up there, but I like the design.

Darth, How tall are you?

I’m 6’6" and i’m looking for some seats that sit lower.

Like 5.9 or so. Been awhile since I measured.

I am 6 foot tall and have about an inch of head room. So this seat wouldn’t be right for dimensions and I can’t imagine how it would be for scort ched at 6’6".

6 ft? Jeze man, your tall. I made sure to measure myself and Melinda before I got em. My dad hasn’t had time to fashion a mount for her seat yet, but since I don’t do anything crazy with her in the car anyways its ok. Though she likes the way I drive aggressively. :smiley:

a couple of things…

  1. your airbag only deploys in “certain situations” from totaling two ZX2’s (neither my fault)
    I can tell you that in accident 1 airbag gave me burns on my wrist and caused my left
    hand to crash through the drive side window, but my head nor my body never
    touched. At the time I was driving in the “attack position” taught at all racing schools
    across the world. The second accident the bad never went off.
  2. Consequently I have had no airbag in the Mutt seance I bought it. I will not have one in
    my Z ever again. BUT I still have it in the garage with the stock wheel just in case I
    need it for something.
  3. I have no idea what part of Cali your in… but I know LA and San Bernardino well
    enough to know that the cops will give you a hard time about anything they want. Hell I
    pulled over for my exhaust insulting the Nazi’s, oops I meant cops.

I do not condone or support anybody messing with there restraint systems. If you are not over 18 then you should ask your parents for permission. If your over 18 well your old enough to give your life in the Army for your country your old enough to decide if you like airbags…

Silver Lake, which is part of LA, so I know how the cops can be. Even if it comes down to a fix it ticket, the air bag can be easily replaced. Like Mirror and Foos suggested though, my belts will have to be upgraded before I decide to switch the wheel. But I was thinking, what is lacking when it comes to the stock belts?

What is lacking when it comes to the stock belts?

Well, it is a 3 point harness. Those 3 points are:
1 Attached to the floor/lowest point on the B pillar.
2 A sliding point, the buckle
3 The sliding point above the shoulder

This system all relies on the mechanism at inside the B pillar. If that mechanism fails, you may become close personal friends with the windshield.

Now if you got a 4 or 5 point harness. If a strap fails, you will still have the other individually anchored straps to hold you in your seat.

Only issue is the placement of the straps. To my understanding, the shoulder harness have to be holding my body back, usually from a roll cage support, or somewhere mounted near the rear deck where the speakers are. If there were someway to mount those belts without sacrificing the passenger seats then it would be no problem.

Hun… Just thought of something. To my copy of Illustrator!

I have seen people who have solved this problem by puting in a straight bar between the two B Pillars. Some people have taken it a step further by having bolt points on either side for quick removal of the bar. This would save you passenger room but also allow you to get ready for a race in under 5 minutes.

Well most 4 and 5 point belts are notaproved by the Federal Goverment, So they are not street legal. So cops can still give you a hard time about it.