Sorry to ask this again...

Ive been thinking about swaping out the pcm in my 99 mtx for a sr pcm, my dealer can get one for me for a little under 200 bux, might be worth it, what do you all think, and what is envolved, I wouldnt ask that question but we dont have books for them or wiring diagrams. Also I remember on the old forum someone mentioned putting the 4 port triton injectors in, what year would I need to pull them from and from the 4.6 or 5.4, I would really appreciate any help you guyz could throw myway

ps I have a 6 wire maf if that makes a difference with the pcm swap

If you have a 6 wire MAF, then its just plug and play, but make sure you unplug the battery during the swap.

What code PCM are you getting?

well see thats the thing, I dont know anything about the pcm codes of these cars let alone which one of the s/r pcm’s has the best tables in it, lol I cant get the information from the dealer I work at, it just isnt there, I was hopeing to get a bump in the right direction. and yeah I have the 6 wire maf its a california car, and I have updated the stocker programming so its completley nutless and something has to be done lol

you cant use the CW#3 i cant really rember the name of it but it is not smog legal in Cali. Its something like CW… The other guys know IM SHURE OF THAT. Mine is XHG3.


check your cars PCM code by going to the passenger side door. inside the door sill there should be a sticker with the code on it. if its not there, then you need to take apart your center console and get to the pcm.

yea man, thats where mine is, My S/R came with the XHG3 code. It is smog legal in all 50 states. There is a total of 3 diff codes if I remember correctly. only 2 are smog legal in Cali.

CWQ3 is not smog legal in Cali, or 6 other states.
XHG3 is smog legal in Cali, but is also the least aggressive of the S/R codes.
NGP0 is smog legal in Cali, and is the best smog legal choice.

Yo Pip, stop man, quit reminding me that my pcm code is the worst of the 3. LOL

I’ve been looking into getting a X2 from SCT. That way I can just flash my PCM with the best code.[/url]

Does that SCT thing take the place of a superchip? Or is it exactly that and just different looking. It seems pretty neat, and as i dont yet have a SC i think id rather swing for one of those

Yeah, but it can tune your car. Change your shift points, retard, advance. All that cool stuff. It’s a stepping stone that can be applied accross the board of mods.

o0o i want i want, how much do they run for?

I just sent them this email:

Would the Xcalibrator 2 be compatible with my car: 2002 Ford Zx2? If so, are there files you know of that would get me started?

How much does the Xcalibrator 2 run for?

If I were to want the Pro Racer Package how much would that run me? Would I need the Xcalibrator 2 to use the PRP?

We’ll see what we get.

On it’s $399.99. I’m hoping that if I order directly, it will be cheaper.

Go on over to They have a new article entitled"SCCA’s Proposal for Incorporating the Ford Zetec 2.0 Liter Engine in Formula Continental (10-02-2005)" Its on the Main page. There is a computer that focus use that I guess any Zetec would have to use. It eliminates the MAF and you can remap fuel, ignition timing, go to … sories.pdf to view the exact link from

Ok, well I talked to my parts guy, and he said he can get any pcm that was used on a ztec in any form, however I need a vin off of a car that has the wx calibration to get a pcm with the wx calibration. My question is should I spend the few hundred and try to get a sr pcm or spend maybe a little bit more and try and find something aftermarket?

This is the email that SCT Flash sent back to me:

Yes we do support the ZX2. MSRP on the x-cal2 is $449 and the PRP is $299. You can buy a PRP chip version or PRP flash version. Please use our dealer search on our home page at to find a dealer near you. They will set you up with whatever you need.


I sent back to him:

What's the difference between the CHIP version and the FLASH version? Flash comes off the computer to the PCM? Is there an advantage to using either or?

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly.

Go aftermarket for a little more. If you get the S/R pcm, it is only good till so much, I know a guy that has a S/R and he put new Crane cams, port/polish/valve job to his head, REAL full ignition, and more. Any how, he tried Diablo, yea the name is right, It DIES and then BLOWs. I forget what he told me he went w/ but he isnt having any problems now.

Haha, Uh… Yellow… You see those two extra letters on the back of your trunklid??? the ones that say “S” and “R”?? That means you have an S/R. So shut the fuck up!!! ROFL. I would kill for one.

Haha, Uh... Yellow... You see those two extra letters on the back of your trunklid??? the ones that say "S" and "R"?? That means you have an S/R. So shut the fuck up!!!! ROFL. I would kill for one.

LOL, and i have Slotted and Cross Drilled rotors all around now!!!

ok guys calm down lol, hes right tho the stocker non r/s programming is really lame, if you actually watch it all on a scan tool like wds you can see the timing and fuel curves stop changing at like 4500 rpm. Anyway, what injectors could I use with the stock rail that would improve atomization?

ps thx for all the help so far