So what do you major in/going to school for/Job?

Hey guys just seeing what you major in or going to major in after school? Since I know most of us aren’t mechanics but enthusiasts.


I went to a college early in high school called Century College in Minnesota. With this I received best student award for Automotive class and did very well through out it

Shortly after that I went to Saint Paul College in Minnesota and gained my 2 year degree in automotive school from there aka majoring in it. With this also received my MAC"S(Mobile Air Licenses) as well “best student scholarship” and received a 3.4 GPA.

With this total of 3 years in school. I really love cars and its my passion but found out later with my body(back) it can’t be a career for me since I would be more in pain than anything. I wish I went to school and did computers instead. Hoping that I find a job in the near future were I can expand my ability’s in that field.

Lets hear about you.

I am a second year Mathematics/Math Education major at the University of Georgia. I would love to be working on cars every day, but my counselors in high school wouldn’t let me take auto shop because I was too smart (true story). Plan is to finish my major, and then go to grad school for either the same subjects or Secondary Administration. I still try to keep options open, but my career will be in the education field (either teacher, professor, administrator, etc.). Hopefully these careers will give me free time to work on cars once I get into the real world.

I’m an old man with only 10 more years let till I can retire!!! :smiley:

I’m a quality systems analyst in the paint shop for the Ford motor company in Oakville Ontario Canada.

What is that you ask???

I test paint thickness, do dirt analysis, hunt down potential chip and scratch areas in the plant and so on…

I Went to school for Computer Information Systems however the college I attend, SUNY Sullivan, screwed up my program and put me in business and computer management classes. On top of that they put me in basic algebra when I was at a Calculus level. At the time I did not know enough to defend my rights and get into the right classes. During this time I also had my on screw ups and did not goto classes when I should have.

Ultimately I left college well before getting my AAS and took on working jobs. I worked in a computer lab for Sullivan County Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES) briefly during the transition from college to life. After a year of working there my boss came to me and informed me that the program that we were running, Model Schools, was no longer going to be funded and let me know that my position was going to be cut.

I then applied for New Hope Community, INC. where I have been employed for 6 1/2 years. I am a Senior Residential Counselor at New Hope. I work in a community based residence providing supports, teaching and mentoring life skills to the Developmentally Disabled and Mentally Retarded. I recently moved from the house I started in, which was a 6 individual residence, to a 4 individual residence.

Currently I am also looking to become a Corrections Officer. I have took the test and now need to wait for NY to get off a hiring freeze. I hope that my background from New Hope will help me in the prison system.

im currently enrolled at cayuga community college im taking a criminal justice degree, i plan on using the degree towards becoming an armed security guard…possibly at the nearby nuclear powerplant. I took small engine/automotive classes all throughout highschool and love working on any kind of engine, which i do in my free time.

Hudson valley community college for manufacturing.

Associates degree, in computers and networking. with at least 6+ years, Working in the computer field and going back to school for mechanical engineering hopefully lol.

Started to go to school for my bachelor’s in computer science. Quit. Hated college. I have spent the past several years since I was out of school self teaching myself and studying investing and my main job is working for an ISP. I do web design and computer work on the side as well as investing mostly.

I have been trying to do the same with the investing thing, little rough in the markets right now. I also work on computers on the side. =)

Seems like we have a bright group over all and more computer guys then anything. Sounds like from a lot of people with the market on computers you just need to join a company and work your way up since every program will be different.

the market is /very/ rough right now.

I work in a Call center for the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration/ Vehicle Emissions Inspection Program.

Giving Emissions extensions and waivers. Trouble shooting ECU codes and the reason for failures.

I get cussed out for a living :smiley:

I’ve worked call centers before, you get some strange people on the lines and of course as you said the cussing.

I’m a pharmacy technician in a CVS back home on the weekends, but during the week I’m wrapping up my junior year at wingate university for a bachelor’s in chemistry. After I graduate I hope to go to pharmacy school.

Holy crap. Can I marry you? That is going to pull in some dough.

Yea Definently strange… Thank god I should be strating my new job next Monday lol.

What job will that be?

mechanical and manufacturing engineering.

texas a&m university.


aka this guy will be making me parts one day.

i hope so man, i surely hope so.