Screw Jayco Automotive

Made loads of promises, then bailed when it came time to get producing.

I was supposed to get all this assistance and sponsership and COOPERATION. Yeah fucking right. When my boss and I had the money ready he bailed.

Dont trust words. He had made me a list of all the things that he was supposedly “fabricating” and "fitting to the ZX2 he had there to make sure this kit would work.

And now because of this jack ass we have to start all over because we don’t have any of the notes or brackets or measurements or mods or anything.


and it took you this long to realize this??? sorry about all the problems though…

Well I guess thats it then. Sorry if I’m speaking out of turn, after all I’m not an admin, but Jayco, you’re done. You’ve gone the way of penuts parts.

A little harsh dont ya think? Maybe he’s just a little too busy to handle a project like this. Though he could have at least sent the mesurements that he had for the different parts. I was really looking forward to having this kit made. My question is are you going to start over or just give up on an AWD conversion for the ZX2?

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Promises + Deals that always seem to go south + no communication = BAD BUSINESS PRACTICES. All in all he just doesn’t seem like he either A. Knows what he is doing. B. Just doesn’t know how to run a business. I may be wrong but honestly prove it. Without and information from him or anything he promised produced you can’t come to any other conclusion.

Unfortunately, that’s how a lot of stuff in the ZX2 world goes. There isn’t a whole lot of demand for aftermarket, especially big stuff. Not to mention the fact that we are a bunch of cheap ass dudes… Adds up to make one lovely coctail of ZX2 community screwing.

I think a lot of people come in with the right intentions, see all the people on the forums wanting to get parts, but then once they figure out how much it’s going to cost, the fact that we are cheap, not to mention the fact that half the people already have what they are trying to make… The person making promises sees this as a financial dead end, and pull out. Unfortunately, they do so without saying a word 90% of the time…

In such a small community, you have to take anything with a grain of salt. Especially stuff like Jayco, where he announced 50 parts at once, and never put up a single picture.

That is a good way to put it. I can understand the quiet pull out, how do you face people that put their hopes on you? But of course it doesn’t mean I like it.

Well I’ve never bought anything from Jayco so I don’t know much of how he runs a business but I prefer for the other side to at least try to defend themself before I bash them. Plus, he cant be all bad, isnt he sponsoring Slo? So IMO in the defence of Jayco, I think that maybe he is just busy. Though I do realize its not a good business practice to just shut down all lines of communication with a forum. Anybody tried e-mailing him or calling him for answers?

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You guys all have valid and reasonable points, BUT too many thing have gone south for him here. First just about every deal he makes with someone on here ends up going wrong in some way. Then promising a ton of parts then never actually posting pics or having them for sale is another no no. Then on top of that not communicating out about any of this on whats happening ect… if your business is also made up of online deals/orders than you better make damn sure you keep on top of this shit. Honestly I could promise the same shit as him and never follow through with it. Its pointless and I am tired of it.


It seems to me that this is a month overdue…I thought we put him on the “Do Not Buy From” list quite awhile ago.


I had paid for an upgraded ATX tranny from him last November. All I continuously got from him were excuses for delays. Then in March he told me it was shipping. After that I couldn’t get any response from him. Since then I sent my cc company a chargeback request. He is a complete scam artist. He touts all kind of knowledgable info but in reality is a complete ass. A real car enthusiast wouldn’t bad mouth other types of cars meanwhile rambling on when I talked to him.

Jungle, please don’t loose heart. Its sad that there are jerks out there that screw with people, but at least you can say found a good resource for your car, us that is! :smiley: Ok, that was kinda cheesy, but you get what I mean.

Here is the latest email I got from them (after a month & a half of silence):

Well I see that you are seemingly telling me the truth for once. I will remove the chargeback once my mechanic looks at it and informs me that it is indeed what I ordered and not just some junk tranny you have pulled from a yard to stop the charge back. Your customer service is complete garbage. I asked and asked that all you do was to keep me informed. It has been a month and a half since I had any contact with you (worse than unacceptable). This is ashame because I had more plans on buying other items from you (namely the adj. suspension setup). Oh yea, about me reading your company policy, how about you try not jerking your customers around! I guess that is not in your business policy or ethics for that matter. Good luck with your business especially since you have a horrible reputation with virtually the whole Escort community!

Jason Milewski

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Jay-r Cooper
Jayco Automotive

I never bought anything from him because of his lack of responsivness. The only time he awnsered any of my questions is when I called him out on the forum, then he would all ways try to take it back to PM’s or Emails. Jaybird… Sarry I have not had been back up to PA. I may be going this summer, If I do I will do some leg work for you. I still have your contact info…

More inportantly, Jungle drift was the a RWD set up or an AWD set up you were biulding? The reason I ask is because I have a car in the air for test fitting, and I will purchase an AWD set up, especialy if it comes with LSD’s. Let me know.


Well, here is the latest. I got the tranny on Thurs. afternoon. It came in a cardboard box! It had no pallet and only a couple bubble bags for protection! I am going to the installation of it attempted on Tuesday 5/8. We’ll see if I actually got what i payed for.

A cardboard box?!? Lame. This is what my dad and I were able to throw together on short notice for my ATX off my parts car.

If two guys on a afternoon can do this then what the hell is his excuse?

LOL cardboard box lol… What a moron. i am sorry but you don’t ship transmissions or engines in cardboard boxes. What a tool. I would honestly complete your charge back and send that shit back. No way would it ever get installed in my Z.

Seriously if you want a built tranny i will personaly build you one. My next door neighbor owns a tranny shop. I will personally see to it that its built and ship it myself and not in a cardboard box either.

let me know.

with it’s weight- can a transmission even go in a cardboard box??? Some common sense here… Wow.

Wait so if a tranny can’t go in a cardboard box with nothing to support it then how are all these 2 ton anvils I bought the other day getting to me in cardboard boxes?


If no one gets around to the awd conversion I will do it this winter. I’ll buy a junked 323 GTX (awd) and do some measurements and make adaptor brackets to fit the zx2 body since I do work with engineers at a machine shop. The entire rear section will be the 323 GTX setup with custom supports to fit the ZX2 body. The trans I dont know if it will fit the engine, but if not I’ll make a 1/2" adaptor plate to adjust it (it’s not as easy as it sounds but I’ve done it before just not on an automotive application though) and the halfshafts will need to fit the front hubs. I already know the fuel tank will have to be removed and a fuel cell will need to be installed in the trunk so the rear driveshaft can get to the differential. I hope you guys are prepared for all of this. If it is successful, don’t count on the kit being cheap and readily available since it will be hard to locate awd 323’s and costly making brackets and adaptors to test fit, and only having 2 days out of the week to work at it. When I am ready to do this I will start my own post with pics, measurements, and other updates. By the way it will be a lot more money if I create the rear section from scratch, but it is a possible option.