Screw Jayco Automotive

Here is the cardboard box excuse/reply:


Well techincally our supplier of boxes, Uline, was out of 375 lb test triple wall boxes, so we had to use what we had. Also have you recieved the instruction packet it was sent by mail seeing it was not placed in with the unit. Also we would like to aplogise for the delay. We usually Axiom Automotive in Pittsburgh, PA and they are in the process of being bought out and Ford Motor Company discontinued the selective fit snap rings, so we special ordered them from Mazda. All in all it was a dissaster lol and we are sorry in the time involved but we hope you will be pleased with its performance. We do reccomend the use of Mobil synthetic transmission fluid. Also the biggest reason your unit was late is Robin Reye’s antics and health reasons.

Jay-r Cooper
Jayco Automotive


I’m not supporting Jayco’s excuses.

When purchasing, building or re-working a custom job, not everything goes as planned. Things are bound to happen that will slow down/delay a project. Because we live in a relatively time based world where everything happens for you on demand, I think we tend to forget that “STUFF” happens.

Though the delay may have been completely true, it doesn’t excuse him from picking up the phone and updating you on the delay or asking if it were OK to send you the tranny in a cardboard box. A simple phone call telling you about a disruption in the supply line would have put you at ease.

If this transmission works for you and you get what was expected, then Jayco just needs to brush up on his Customer service or hire someone to be a liaison between himself and the customer.

Tell us how the tranny is working.

Wait- so he’s blaming the delay on the guy from TeamZX2 that was having issues with him???

And he’s saying that it’s everyone’s fault but his. That’s screwed up.

All in all it was a dissaster lol
he laughed about it? damn he’s an ass, he basically said “sorry your shits late but oh well”

Ok, it is installed. You can see the copy of my email below to know what i think of it:

Well, the transmission is installed. It is ok at best. The only expectations that are met are the shift from 2nd to 3rd, nice and quick. Placing it into reverse is good also, no more clunk. The 1-2 shift is ok, but under more than 1/2 throttle it does not switch quickly at all. There is a very slight difference from the torque converter off the line (it does feel a tiny bit different in giving it gas when I am beginning to move). My biggest problem is with the 4.06 differential you charged me for and were supposed to install. I still sit at the same rpm’s at various speeds (ex. 3000rpm @ 80 mph - no different than before). I got it back on Saturday and have been noting all that it does since then. You obviously did rebuild it better, but certainly not with everything you charged me for (the 4.06 diff.) Now, I imagine I can either call up my cc company and tell them I got the unit less the new differential AND you had also informed me that you were not going to charge me for shipping (the no shipping charge was in a previous email - Jan. 10th 2007). I looked over the invoice and there it was, a shipping charge. If it is easier I will give you my permission to recharge my cc, with the appropriate amount (less the 4.06 diff. & less the shipping). Let me know which way you would prefer to resolve the payment.

–Jason Milewski

This is an automatic transmission isn’t it? If it is, I believe the 4.06 ratio came with the stock tranny for an automatic and a 3.9x was the manual. My mind has been slipping, so I might be wrong on the exact ratio for the manual, but I do remember that in a top speed race, my auto would beat a manual.

I’m pretty sure that the ATX came with a 3. something. It’s pretty low though, certainly not 4.06. That’s off the Escort I think. It’s lower than the 5 speed. I know that much.

3.76 if I am not mistaken.