S/R conversion kit?

is it possible to convert a regular Zx2 into an S/r? At least gauage, and horsepower wise. And if so how would you do it and what parts would you need? I know zxtuner.com sells the gauges but the fact that the odometer reads 20% slower is kind of unattractive to me not to mention the price. Is there a place like maybe an online junkyard that might have a used or a remake of the s/r ecu? Thanx for the help.

The s/r equipment is very very hard to locate. You can but stuff like the zxtuner gauges which will give you the appearance of an s/r. that would honestly be the cheapest way to ‘re-produce’ the s/r.

other parts you will need:
Centerforce Clutch
ES bushing kit
Iceman intake (or roush intake)

and i can not remember what else at this point. lol. I just woke up…

To get the same effect as an S/R, you’ll have to put in a B&M short shifter, S/R shift knob ('99s look the best), leather shift boot, the complete Energy Suspension bushing kit (front and rear sways, shift linkage, and pretty much anywhere there is a bushing), Eibach springs, the S/R upgraded Tokico struts, Iceman or Roush intake, and an S/R computer. Also the gauges as previously mentioned. Oh yeah, and the Borla muffler.

If you are going to get a lot of mods, go for SCT, since the S/R computers can only do so much, and some of them suck anyways (GRS0). I’m pretty sure that sums it up…
Oh, if you are going for an '00 S/R, then you are going to need a blue valve cover as well.

We can provide all parts to make your ZX@ an S/R or even better…

and what parts do you have?


You need:

150 MPH Gauges


Stage 2 Clutch

Urethene Bushings

Lowering Springs

Tokico Hp Struts

ICEman Cool Air Intake

Rear Disc Brake Conversion Kit

Leather Shift Boot

Shift Knob


I can’t believe I forgot rear discs and the Centerforce! I’m losing my edge…

let me know if you want anything.

Just need to get cash lined up, X-mas is coming up and my money is tight, maybe I can get the fam in on this. :wink:


How may people have S/R’d their non- S/R ZX2’s ?
Not slapping a dozen S/R logos all over but replicating the Hardware stock on the S/R.

I think its a decent idea. The S/R’s were the Sport/Track model.

Seems like it would be a good baseline to start upgrading a stock ZX2.

My S/R only says it in 3 places, both doors and left rear filler panel…

I thought S/R stood for Street/Race… :?

I’m pretty sure he was saying it was the sporty, track model, not that S/R=sport/track

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yall know how us noob’s are,

we don’t know much about much…

All gotta start somewheres. Lord if you would just read some of my old posts. Its a wonder I didn’t end up with a screwdriver in my spleen.

mac knows what he’s talking about

if yah need anything to convert to an S/R we should have most of it…As for the clutch id substitute a Spec clutch they perform better…

If you have the 150MPH guage clusters I think a fair amount of people would be interested?

*raises had hopeing to be counted as one of the ‘fair amount’ of people"

I haven’t looked through your site in a while (slacker I know, but too broke to order anything right now and tired of drooling)…but, why not offer an S/R package (complete for those fully stock, and partial packages for slightly modded ZX2s)…wouldn’t get too varied on the partial, as anyone past that stage could order everything seperate anyway…just an idea, but I know we’ve had discussions in the past on ZX2-Riders about how much Ford could have made if they offered the package as an aftermarket deal now…