Project car ideas??

Hey, im looking into geting a small project car to mess aro8und with, probably sumthing under 1000$?? got any ideas? i was thinking sumthing from a turbo dodge daytona to a 91 escort GT?? got any more ideas?? preferablly cheap + easy to find


my next project car is going to be an 88 Pontiac Fiero. There’s just sooo much to do with them

crx or civic hatch as an autocross project

next project would be an integra, gonna go all JDM market.

But i’d basically just go with whatever your interested in and that can hold your atttention until its finished.

common guys, lets stay american :roll:

This escort now is my third domestic project, just wantin to reach out to something else and expand some knowledge. My personal favorites will always go to the domestics though.

yeah, yeah, we have enough power here in America, no need to reach across the pond :lol:

I customize and paint cars for a living so it’s always good to know all you can about whats out their for all markets. Because the truth is we all know theirs a shit load of imports out their and the groups only gonna get bigger.

lol sorry yonco I noticed this threads goin way off topic…

not all cars have to be american to not be rice, and yonco didnt say he wanted to keep it to american manufactuers … unless you happen to be one of those its not an american car so its worthless crap … im surprised you even owned a ford zx2 because its a mazda underneath …let alone its a 4 cyl and we all know unless its a big bad american v8 it cant possibly make any power… and he wanted a cheap car … unless he gets a turbo colt ( wait thats still a mitsu) or a turbo talon ) mitsu again with american badging… .and if i recal correctly the daytonas were mitsu’s under the hood too

Uhhh who you directing that comment to because I never said anything about being all for just american cars. Sure I prefer the domestic market but thats just because of the car styles not who made em. I said above my next project was gonna be a integ. I love my 4 cylinder. In fact I had a run in with some ricer commentin/muscle car dipshits the other day so I wrote a message to everyone on my cardomain site.

Actually… now that i look into it im leaning more torwards those 91-94 Escrot Gt’s. the boxier ones, with the 1.8L dohc mazda powerplant( same as in the 323’s) and 5 speed are pretty cheap and can look slick if they have the right stuff, check this out:

hey, I’m not trying to offend anyone, I’m joking around about only being American. My first car was a CRX, and it was a chick magnet…anyway, I noticed he was talking about a ford and a dodge, so I thought a pontiac would fit right in

it was towards racersedge … sorry if i got a little hostile … its just where im from i deal with all these damn hillbillys that think that an amercian v8 is the only way to get power… so sorry for snapping … i was having a bad day as it was

Geez… I hear that. Put up with v8 comments every day. Heh almost sad really.

yeah, I’m not into all the V8 hype, But there’s so many newer domestics that are rocking the import world. For example, the Ion Red Line, the Cobalt SS (same car), the Z24, the S/R ( :roll: ), the new solstice, the mazdaspeed 6 (still owned by Ford)

the colbalt ss is garbage. … runs out of gear and valve lift before it hits full boost

Its sad to, the colbalt is such a nice piece too.

Hmm…I can’t say that I have personally driven the Cobalt SS, but I did run the crap out of an Ion RedLine, and I didn’t feel any problem with it. Where did you hear this from? I’d like to drive an SS sometime, maybe I’ll go drive one right now…

ive seen it on a couple of car shows and car mags …

The domestic market will more then likely be taking a hit in 2007 when Nissan releases the Skyline GT-R stateside. Last rumored price I heard was gonna be in the 30-35k range.