Post your S/R

Ok we all know that there are only 2106 S/R’s made so let’s try to track as many as possible. Please post all the J/Y ones and the ones you own or know some one who ownes. Please check the replyes before you post. This way we dont get as many double’s

1999 >> 39
2000 red >>> 19
2000 black>>>26
2000 yellow>>148

1999 >>>> 4+1 Peanutparts abomination
2000 yellow>> 33
2000 red>>>>>3
2000 blck>>>>>1

OK theres two i know of
1 red S/R in Hamlin Pa. STock
1 00 Yellow that at Harrys you pull it///// J/Y R.I.P.
1 99 Peanut parts destroyed S/R //// R.I.P

1 Blk, 00, In or Around Monticello, NY. I saw it for sale about 2 months ago, Was gone the next day.
1 Yel, 00, For Sale about 3 or 4 years ago at a used car dealer in Montague, NJ on the Deckertown-TP.

1 black 200 s/r just bought it on its way to connecticut

from digi on teamzx2

Theres a red one here in Great Falls, MT.

ok so ive seen like 12 of them, and i have pics of them, except one.

Ill tell you about the ones that landed in mexico.

1- I have 99,
2- a friend has 99,
3- I saw a guy on the road with a 99 ( stop him and traded intakes “stock for roush and 40 dlls” hehe)
4- A friend in mexicali has a 2000.
5- A girl friend of a friend has a 99 (my girfriend saw her)
6- I saw a 2000 on sale in a magazine and then saw it in person.

So the hunt for the lost ones begins.

Roush, did you count my S/R in your list? For people that havent seen, its totaled now.

And I know of an S/R at the local Prison… random place but its a guy in his 30-40s I want to say…

Also know of 1 yellow getting fixed,
and 2 Black S/Rs, 1 might be getting fixed…

no yellow i wanted you to add it and also the s/r’s from that escort j/y by you

ok esa i need colors on the 2000’s

I have a black one in Detroit.

i own a 00 black!
buddy own’s a 00 yellow!
and his girl owns a 00 red!
all in quakertown PA

theres a black 99 and 2 yellow ones around here and i seen a red one awhile ago

There is a 2000 yellow one in Abeline TX.

about 4-5 in Dallas TX

have 1 red 2000 S/R, 1 Yellow 2000 S/R and 1 Black 2000 S/R

working on the 99 year

Wasn’t there a thread here a whiles back that had a few S/Rs in a junkyard? Like 4 or 5 of em.

FYI 99’s only came out yellow

and roush, all of the ones that ive seen are yellow

Gracias amigo!

Ive seen a yellow s/r over here in NC Thats about the only s/r ive seen the rest of the z ive seen are 98-00 zx2

Both myself and my Dad have 2000 Yellow S/R’s His is stock, mine just has a K&N air filter.

Oh, I’m new here and I was wondering what is this “Peanut” S/R I keep hearing about?