Post up your other vehicles (NON-ZX2s)

Well meanings we’ll need one here or at the other place, may as well get one started! LOL!

1974 Kawasaki Enduro F7C

2005 Ninja 250R

1999 Ducati 900 SuperSport

1975 Honda CB360 Cafe Racer (project in progress)

(I know once ironmarc sees this he’s gonna flip…
Muahaha… (YES! that’s a race cam and titanium springs…

MUAHAHAHA (YES! those are high compression pistons! BWAHAHA!)

For the cafe racer??? nice!!!

Haha, ok, once again…

Wife’s 07 Outlander

05 Honda Shadow Spirit 750

55 Cameo

My pride and pain in the ass…

these are not actual pics of my cars but they are identical to mine i haven’t taken any pics of my cars yet

My pride [cheers]

Koi, you should recognize the surrounding area lol

Mmmmm good ol’ Oregon!

Here some of my newer ride…

^^That thing is pure sex. I love those cars. Ill post some of mine when I get off work.


Good old 240sx. Didn’t you sell that buddy?

My non ZX2.

My buddy had a 240sx just like yours carguy. With it he could build a turbo kit and motor for around 2k-2.5k. He told me all his secrets when doing it if I ever wanted to build one. But I wont. He did around 8 of them so far. I forgot most of it by now though on were to get all of it.

zx2fst. Can you post pic’s of your turbo’d z? I would love to see that thing since it looks like pure sex. I am guessing the ranger is a 4.0 v6? That truck would be a great DD for hauling lumber and such.

yea I can post pics of the car, and the new motor build. Thanks for the comment, The ranger is 4.0 V6 4x4, and it is nice for hauling stuff, pulls my car fine too.

So you don’t have any issues with it pulling? Hmm maybe I should go this route vs buying a bigger pickup when it gets to that time for me.

it never gave me issues, it pulled up steep hills fine, Interstate speed was a little rough, just cause the ranger is not all that heavy. I could feel the trailer trying to push me around.