peanut parts at it again

I feel really stupid posting, this, since i just recently bought the car less than a month ago. But I can’t stop myself from falling in LOVE with the new Mazdaspeed 3. Has under 101K miles on it. i paid 3K for it, if i can get the same since I have added more parts into it since i recieved it stock.

Has a large crack in windsheild at the bottom near the dash board. and NGPO PCM

Has all the regular S/R euipment except;

borla muffler=been replaced with 2.5" Truebends exhaust system with “angled” OBX N1 muffler

S/R 7 spoke wheels(from EGT styling)=replaced with 16" rims with 205/40/16 rubber

S/R carbon fiber shift knob=replaced with RTM aliminium “ZX2” engraved shift knob

S/R Roush intake=replaced with Hotshot’s w/ MAF adapter and 3" cold air entension into fender

S/R (150 MPH) cluster=replaced with normal zx2 cluster with white faced gauges.

S/R suspension=rreplaced with Megan lowering springs (front 2" and back 1.75") with stock struts and front chamber kit.


slotted and drilled rotors with semi-metalic pads on ALL 4 wheels

Dark chrome middle reflector

Jesen in dash flipd out 7" LCD screen DVD/MP3 player

Plye 400watt 6.5" door speakers.

MSD Blaster coil and 8.5mm wires(brand new spark plugs too)

10K HID onversion kit

LED white front blinker bulbs to match Light blue color of HID’s

Magnetic oil drain plug

Brand New battery

21mm Rear sway bar with ES bushings

Front strut bar.

**soon a Powder’s UDP and Gude ported TB

kinda makes me wonder why he ever removed everthing that defines it as a S/R

He is a seller that cant be trusted.

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Quote from: Bös Engel on Today at 07:44:38 pm
Yeah, it was a stock '99 S/R about a month ago. Too bad peanutsparts sold all of the parts worth making it an S/R off of it. Now that he’s made all of the money off of it that he could, he no longer wants it.

Sucks too, because if I had had the money for it, it would still have all of the S/R parts on it.

it was a great investment.

now i got a car that performs better than the S/R.

The S/R parts wer good, but not good enough.

so i guess this means our s/r parts are inferior

I only wish he was a member so i could ban him

That guy right there is a freaking moron. He should be punched in the face a 1000 times over. Also DO NOT BUY ANYTHING from this clown.

So Jayco, just to clarify, You bought the car from the guy, then you did everything under “Added Parts?” And you’ve had it for a month so it runs well? What color S/R is it?

  • Darron

i didn’t buy the car i was quoting peanut parts, hes trying to sell an S/R with all the defining parts stripped of claming he made it better by using inferior parts…

Heh heh…whoops.

  • Darron

Oh my… he raped a S/R? Bastard.

Yeha he likes to dick people over also hes on our list of NOT TO BUY FROM. So send him hate mail or somthign for being a moron. Hes just trying to make a buck at the exspense of the ZX2 community.

not just a S/R but a 99 S/R
NGPO PCM and the Roush Intake.

Iv’e already sent him a few E-Mails. lol

I should have let that stuff when he owed me money go to the authority’s It might have saved a S/R

yeah hes trying to buy another yellow zx2 s/r on ebay to presumably to improve it

Is there any restraining order we can get on him? Innocent cars are at stake here!

If only it was possible

i have lots of guns and ammo matbe we should think permanet… lol j/k

shoot that retard

I am a bit consoled thou. His personal hell will consist of him getting run over by all the S/Rs who have died previously.

I think Yellow2000’s has first dibs.

he is trying to buy another sr on ebay

Someone stop this man p;lease

This is all my fault. I saw it and didn’t have the money for it. I posted it at TeamZX2 and he told me that he had always wanted an S/R. I figured I would try to keep it in the family and let it get the attention it deserves. But, he tore it apart and ruined it. Fucking Bastard.