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OK i dont want totread jack derek’s and nicks tread so im starting a new thread. I have underground 2 online and am willing to get whatevergame we all agree on. Im looking at a war game this way we can play as a team. Team Motorsports!!!

LOL, hell yea, I’m in!

right now I have Auto Modellista, Midnight Club II and Madden 2005 for ps2 online (just bought NFS: Underground tonight).

For XBOX i have: Greg Hasting Tournament Paintball Max’d, Counter Strike, Star Wars Battlefront.

For 360 I have: NFS Most Wanted, Call of Duty 2, Kameo


I have quite a few games I can play online (Xbox):

Halo 2
Battlefield 2
Call of Duty 2: Big Red One
Need for Speed: Most Wanted
Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood
Mechwarrior 2: Lone Wolf

If you have a game I don’t have and it sounds good, I’d buy it.

I’ll soon have Forza, but right now I have Halo 2 and Mechwarrior 1 and 2.

Mark is that underground 2?

nope #1

I have:

Halo 2
NFSU 1&2

All X-box. P00Head is my Live account…now I just need Net access in my living room…

  • Darron

i only have pc, i have an xbox but it isn’t online.

anyone for online gaming though with pc i’m all for.

Foos, get Forza Motorsport. Its like 8 bucks, plus we can have a car club.

I need to post pics of Delilah’s AE86.

She painted it pink.

With a hibiscus flower on the side.

At least she put a skull on the hood.

I should, but I have to get Net access in the livingroom for it first.

  • Darron

anyone know if the xbox360 gamertag is usable on the xbox or vice versa? My gamer tag is for the 360…

Also Derek, what PC games you have?

Currently im playing Guildwars ( I have my own guild too!! though we dont do much!). List a some games and ill try to get them.

As long as you’re running the same game 360 and X-Box are compatible.

  • Darron

360 Gamer Tag = ZX2MS :wink: See ya on there 2ners :wink:

I have:

Gears of War
RainbowSix Vegas

I will pick up Forza or somthing tomorrow. let me know what I should get.

Everyone’s been talking about Gears of War. I’ll see about getting that too.

So I recently purchased a new Computer and am looking for games that everyone else plays online. I would like to play with a bunch of you guys if I can.

Just putting that out there to see if anyone else is interest in playing online.

i havent played in a couple of weeks, but I usually play “Guildwars” online because its free to use unlike other MMORPGs.

so whats the stats on your new computer?

Vista Home Premium <—Not too bad…yet
64bit AMD 5.2GHz
500Gb HDD
NVidia GeForce 6150SE
19" Wide Screen Monitor
And really cool Remote Control

Well, at least you’ve got the horsepower to run vista. (Soory, my teacher always said that) I personally won’t mess with it until I have to…and that’s gonna be a long time.

  • Darron

vista = no SCT!!!

anyway back on topic. I’ve got the x-box and 360…

pretty much every game that’s been mentioned…

Yeah I’m a 37 year old gamer geek :oops: