online gaming

Nothing wrong with that… as long as you old timers can keep up with us youngsters!

Just a couple things to say

Vista = Sucks the big one use XP Professional

Now with that said…

Buy the following…

Then buy Forza 2 when it comes out!


Nice, I’ll have a better seat for my racing game than my actual car…lol. That isn’t going to happen, but getting a 360 is not such a bad idea.


Chris I got PGR3! thats 2 360s we got in common now!

You know, you can hook up to 6 xbox 360 and monitors together with forza 2 and get a panoramic view in the game.

:evil: I know :evil:

halo2 baby almost every night after 11 i am on playin till 2 or so

gamer tag : xxmiscadxx if you want to play just tell me u r from here