Newbie > pics of my 94 UK Spec escort

N.B. also have some up in the gallery area

Heres how it all started - a standard 1994 1.8 16v zetec LX escort 3 door

did a few mild mods:

then it underwent a total transformation

finished article

Full story is here

[url=] ... topic=5199[/url]

some of my favorite pics

Glad to see you jumped the pond
The escort looks great thats the intake mani i was thinking about. to see if it fits the US model. At least’s its metal not plastic like ours

and welcome to ZX2ms

it is metal… but

its useless, it restricts flow above 160-170bhp, and its a designed for use with side fed injectors which are immovable and spray onto the back of valves- further restricting power… what you need is a rover 200 turbo manifold… straight fit to the zetec, and with a new fuel rail and some bigger injectors you’ll have an ideal setup for 250 plus bhp

the other option is a cvh turbo inlet manifold - this uses reaily available bosch injectors and isn’t as restrictive, it would however require and adaptor plate to fit a zetec head… or your head re drilling and tapping to accept

I like the car. Seems like alot of work. How long did it take you to get from purchase to present?

i’ve had the car for a year this month, but the work was done a few months ago - we spent a few months doing the engine suspension brakes etc etc then we did the body kit and paint in a week

Nice! Welcome to the board! :slight_smile:

  • Darron

Wow!! That looks great!!
Welcome to the site:) Everyone on this site is awesome, if you ever need any help with anything or just have a question just ask. There is always someone willing to help:)



thanks for the warm welcome :slight_smile:

the link i posted above contains loads of pictures of the full build and detailing :slight_smile:

I happen to be in the UK 'til 11/08… whereabouts were you located???

i forgot about you pip please tell me you have your zx2 there
if so we can get a ansewer to the question which is faster the US Escort or the UK’s

I hate to say it, but I’m putting my money on the Euro Escort.

  • i’m in the north east, but the biggest ford show in europe is on on saturady the 6th of august,

  • what sort of bhp do you zx’s put out? i’m guessinbg how ever much therte will be a euro model to beat it… there the escos with 6 seconds to 60mph and a 140mph top speed as standard

Roush- Unfortunatley, I do not have my Z over here. It would bve to difficult getting it legalized over here, after all of the stuff I’ve removed.

Mirror- That depends on what Escort you are talking about. Unless you are referring to an RS or Cossie, stock for stock we are faster.

ScORTED- I’m down in Gloucestershire, near Swindon. Most ZX2’s have 130 bhp… and we only weigh 2478 lbs… um… that’s… 177 stone. I’m sure the RS’s and Cossie’s are faster, but other than that, we should be pretty well ahead.

That escort looks tough, lotta love went into it. Awsome job man.

i think Jenzx2 has hers over there i know she had it legalized 4 the UK
She has 99 s/r and i would bet a non turboed eScort UK vs. a NON turboed US escort would be a close one I know the S/R has a top end of 136 mph so it should be close.

Anyone wanna start taking bets? :smiley: