Newbie > pics of my 94 UK Spec escort

well the fastest non turbo escort is 150bhp 2.0 16v … they do 60 in 7 seconds

then the xr130 has 130 bhp tops out at about 130

mine is beyond 130 spec but my management needs sorting

uk escorts don’t weigh a great deal - if you figure it out in metric i’ll compare the two spec for spec - stock motors ignoring the cossie unless you have any producing more than 150 - the rs2000 has the option of 4wd as well!

Hey Scorted! I’ve got an RS2000!! I love it. I’m Jenz’s husband, and we’re here for another year.

I don’t see the pics (I’m at work), but I’ll check it out when I get home!

***************************** YEAH! :evil:

I now have some nicer rims and a turbo engine waiting to be fitted… 200bhp coming soon


You silly Brits and your bhp… LoL Get it so you know what’s at the wheels man!

:lol: Its all relative... 200 from a v6 is laughable... 200 from a 1.6 is highly respectable

Amen to that. :smiley:

Oh I know. That’s a pretty good number I’d say. It’ll be pretty damn fast once you get up there.

The engine puts out 133 as standard - just been rebuilt, going to upgrade the actuator, big intercooler ecu chip… decent airfilter and a large bore exhaust system no cat - should see 190 minimum :evil:

Just saw the pics man. Car looks good!

ok ok ok you two! stop talking and lets get it on!!!

If he is pushing anywhere near 190 bhp, he’ll whip me pretty bad. I’ve probably got about 160 at most.

I’m not bragging… not til its in built and been on the rollers

car is stripped out also

There had better be video. Fast and the Furious, God Save the Queen!

[color=orange]lol Nice Darth.

I’ve got my interior fairly stripped out as well. No spare, no back seats. There isn’t really any insulation inside. It’s pretty much all just metal. LoL It makes it feel lighter though.