Newbie needing some advice.

Hello all, new member here. Just wanted to know if anyone has ever installed a strut bar under the hood for their ZX2? Don’t know here to start, figured at least I need to jack the car up. Any tips?

first off … pop the hood … remove the bolts on top of the struts place bar over bolts, put nuts back on … close hood and drive away

why would you need to jack the car up for a strut bar?

try to find the mx3 bar on ebay. its a cheap bar ($15) but does what it is supposed to. I have had a few issues with it rubbing… turned out all it needed was to be turned sideways a little bit.

Do you mean a Sway Bar?

Let me try to neebie define this:

strut bar under the hood

So maybe he’s thinking of the sway bar that is at the bottom of the car in the front. But may not realize that it isn’t a part that has an upgrade option nor should it since it is just fine the size it is. So it’s either a rear sway bar or the strut tower bar?

(Rear Sway bar is in the rear of the car at the bottom where as the strut tower bar is directly under the hood contecting the two strut towers)

Ah I see. Never done any body mods before, and I was just checking to see if I needed to jack it up. My dad noticed I ordered some performance parts and offered to help. I think he started to re-live some moments when he used to mod cars.

I got the one off of ZXTuner, a bit more than the $15 one I know, but I want it to be ready when I make the engine mods.

Thanks guys, love the topics here, great forum.

Either way, a Strut Bar and Sway bar take very little skill to install. So Good Luck with which ever you are installing.

What do you mean by “Body Mods?”

Those are suspension mods, new friend!

body mods would be like putting a body kit on your car or a wing or stickers.

BTW welcome to the site!

by far, the strut bar is about the easiest performance mod you can do. takes a couple minutes at most, and that’s including douching the nuts in break free if needed.

and welcome!

Yea, didn’t mean body mods, sorry. God I’m such a newb. Thanks for not making fun of me.

Oh BTW, what do you guys think about this:

[url=] ... cat=0&page[/url]

Is it for real? I though that a rear disk brake kit was a legendary myth that no one had really seen in over a million years.


well, since its for a focus, it won’t work, but there are other rear discs from other cars that can be uesd, like from an escort GT or an SR

Is that what it means when it says 17" wheels minimum? If this kit gives me what I need to mount the disks I’ll get disks that will fit from somewhere else. Its just a hassel finding a escort GT or an SR these days.

just wondering, is this the first time you’re modding a car?

Yep. I have a 2003 ZX2, named her Nova. Spunkly little car, and she would be the first one I’m gonna mod outside of just giving the stock parts a tune up. It’s kinda sad, the parts were for my 2002 ZX2, but before they arived I got into a bad accident, passenger side impact. Would have cost me 4,000 dollars to fix due to the frame being bent outta shape.

get pics of the wrecked z, and your new z. have fun modding, it’s a good pastime, hobby or even business. good luck!

The Focus hubs are differen’t and i doubt much of the hardware would work at all. You’re better off watching the forums (here and teamzx2) for an Escort GT kit cuz they go for about $300 (which is less than half of the kit you linked to).

The only Chilton’s guide I can find is the 1999 escort/zx2 one. Will that work?

Shoot, I just noticed that one of the upgrades I want only works on non-ABS zx2s, how can you tell? My last one I know from the dealer it wasn’t, but I forgot to ask with this new one.

what upgrade

[url=] ... 3&offset=0[/url]

ALSO! I’m getting a set of rear disk brakes via Rob from this

[url=] ... sc&start=0[/url]

thread, and I posted a question there, also gonna write it here. I’m sorry about the double post but I’m extremely nervous. What should I ask him to take off the S/Rs? Brake lines? What else?

Sorry if I’m being a bit manic.