Newbie 1/4 mile time

Ok so I’m new but my car is a 2000 ford escort zx2 s/r with only a pacesetter header and 2 1/4 straight pipe no cat. I went to the local drag strip on the march 4th 2006 and ran a 15.6 @86mph w/ a .85 reaction time and a 2.33 60ft. What can I do to improve the performance of my car for around $750.

Good job! Not bad for a newb. :slight_smile: Welcome to the board by the way. I would recomend a superchip or diablo chip. Although…I don’t know, you’ve already got an S/R PCM… I was gonna suggest an intake, but you have that, was gonna suggest the S/R drop, but DUH you have it! lol All my standard opinions are pretty much used already. Hmmm…I don’t know I’m at about your starting point and am not too sure where to go from there. OH! Underdrive/overdrive pulleys! HA! That’s gonna be my next move most likely. I don’t know if cam gears will help ya that much. Or just cams themselves. Your pretty much at the REALLY expensive point. I don’t know if you can still get an intake manifold, or if that would really help.

So in summary, (sounds like an essay, eh?) I would go with the Underdrive pulley and over drive pulley, and look into cams/gears.

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VCT Delete and Cams. Set you back about $450 or so. Then some larger injectors. Don’t go to big unless you reflash your ECU. Plus a Underdrive Pulley.

You could make a custom turbo setup for about that much.

Weight reduction. If you have A/C, yank it and if you are only driving straight, yank the power stearing. Spare tire, passanger seat paneling. Carbon Fiber hood or trunk. All depends how far you want to go with it.

SCT to change your fuel maps.

If you have a manuel, you could purchase an LSD.

Porting is also good…Throttle body and the head. Free if you know what you are doing.

Beef up your electronics components. Not the Radio or SUBs. I mean, better grounding, a good capasitor incase drops in voltage.

S/R’s only come manual. LSD’s dont exist otherwise I would have it by now. Best bet is to get an intake hi-torque or high rev and leave the stock exhaust cam alone and the VCT alone since the S/R’s computer already tunes it for performance (combustion scavenging at high rpms which increases hp). For the cam which is almost $300, and the installation fee which is $300, it will be $600 for pretty much putting you into 15.0 flat or high 14’s with the way your driving now. If you want to get that intake cam tuned with an adjustable cam sproket and SCT, you will be low 14’s no prob.

Sorry buddy, but you can purchase an LSD on from POLOLOUS. You could even get in on his group buy, but if you can’t, you can always purchase on on your own. You should check it out.

$300 intallation fee? Do it yourself.

wow, great time!

Don’t see anywhere in that thread where I can buy LSD, it is not even produced yet! Like I was saying you can’t get it because they didn’t make it yet. And Phantom Grip is not an LSD, its just a spring that doesn’t hold up to any reliability.

The LSD is coming, just a matter of time.

Thanks for all the ideas! And dont hesitate to keep them coming.

[color=black]Heres alist of things i would actually get. And also the base wheel HORSE POWER that they ROUGHLY put out. (just a little reasearch that i recently did)

  1. adjustable cam gears 8-10 horse
    2.denso fuel injectors 1-2 horse
    3.diablo performance chip - horse power will vary to what you get
    4.under drive pulleys 5-7 horse
    5.bigger fuel pump if you get injectors -no horse force dual friction clutch -no horse
    7.after market cams- price will vary, you get what you pay for -15-45 horse
    8.forged pistons -again with the price perdicament-20-35 horse

  2. jackson racing super charger -price-$2300.00. EXPENSIVE but nice to have.
    10.port and polished block and head. ALSO bored 10mm over throttle body -polished prefferably- again with the price, its a pretty penny free if you know how to do it-15-35 horse
    11.if you decide to turbo your zx2 stop- dont do it zetec motors aren’t built for it they run nice for a while but you will throw a rod or blow a piston - i dont care how suped up it is - i promise you it will run like crap.

  3. if you wanna blow your motor with a turbo -get a T3 with 12 lbs. of boost. or aT4 with 10 lbs. of boost.

  4. A T4 will give 120-130 HORSES @ 10 pounds with track tuning.

  5. A T3 will give 100-115 HORSES @ 12 pounds with track tuning.
    Because every pound of boost is 11.5- 11.9 horses. 11.5 if it is T3.
    11.9 if it is a T4 now these specs. are based on standard track tuning only. please don’t hold me on it. If I didnt know what the hell I was talking about I wouldn’t say anything but since i was a mechanic for a ford company (springfeild lincoln mercury) also known for selling zx2’s I wouldn’t have any reason to lie to you.

                             signed          SILVER BULLET ZX2 


? ok mr. know it all so why havent you done any of this to your car. Oh yeah wait for the other thing faster than me right maybe because my 2nd gear is out! :frowning: But on the other hand I can still drive my car isnt your trans completly blown up! x’s 3 :wink: So when you get your car fixed take it to the track and get a time slip that shows me that you are faster until then ZIP IT!!!

So are you a real mechanic or just a lube bitch at Ford?

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ChillinZX is calling you out SILVER BULLET ZX2. Honestly I have to agree with him. I’m not sure you know completely what you are talking about. I’m sure you have an idea but you should look around before spouting stuff off. KoiHoshi and I were talking about the Throttle Body being worth 15-30hp is quite a bit. There is also more HP to be had at the Under Drive Pulley, more like 7-12HP conservatively 7.

I also know plenty of people that run Turbo setups on their Zx2s and they don’t claim any problems. Mainly because they got rid of all the shitty parts.

Parts you haven’t talked about are:
Exhaust Header
Intake Manifold
Over Sized Valves
Titanium Springs (if you go with an Aggressive Setup with Cams, so you can avoid Valve float.)
Larger MAF (with bigger injectors and forced air)
Crane Cams Ignition or MSD 6200 6A
Alternator Pulley
Focus Sport Superchargers (first one on page is being tested on Zxtuner car, a derivative of the second is being created by Power Works) <–So I can’t say for sure, but do know you will have fitment issues with he Jackson Racing.

Idea here is we all learn together to make the Zx2 we can with shared information. Hopefully you aren’t coming in here thinking you know everything because you replaced some parts at a dealership.

Thank you atleast I’m not the only one that disagrees about that. He thinks he knows everything about our cars what he doesnt know is you guys and how all you do is talk about zx2 and how to tune them by testing the upgrades and posting how they did. Thanks for calling him out maybe he will listen to you.

He doesn’t have to listen if he doesn’t want to, but I believe he might be better off if he has an open mind. Who knows…perhaps down the line he comes up with a good combination of Cam settings and would like to share what he has learned. But if you know it all, then you don’t need the forum, right?

I’m not sure if anyone has done it yet, but “Welcome to the forum SILVER BULLET ZX2”

EASY CHILDREN!!! Put those Claws AWAY!!! your gonna put an eye out i think its only fair to warn you silver bullet that these people know what they are talking about and if they feel threatened in any way will tear you to shreds… gotta love em :wink: but for now let the boy try again… yall behave or imma unplug your computers for an hour! lol… that’ll learn ya :lol:

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