Newbie 1/4 mile time

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silverbullet’s estimates are aggressive and erroneous.


For the Underdrive Pulley, Powder’s make 5-7 hp, and there are dynos to prove it. No 7-12hp. And his is the smallest UDP made for the ZX2.

00 Ford Escort ZX2 S/R vs 99 Ford Escort ZX2 S/R
plastic Iceman intake < aluminum Roush intake
Borla muffler = Borla muffler
stock crank pulley < Ford Racing UDP
stock clutch < Centerforce clutch
Ford Racing plug wires = Ford Racing plug wires
Tokico struts = Tokico struts
Eibach springs = Eibach springs
Daisy wheels < Escort GT wheels
205/55/15 Z tires = 205/55/15 tires

What you need to make it better:

  1. get the 4-2-1 header from ZXTuner and
  • get a 2.25" CAT back w/ MagnaFlow CAT and weld on your original muffler
  1. get the ZXTuner UDP from ZXTuner
  2. get the standard burn SCT chip from Lasota Racing
  3. find a Roush intake w/ K&N drop in and remove the lower resonator or
  • buy the Hotshot intake from ZXTuner w/ K&N filter

Other things you can do:

  1. Hi-Tq intake CAM with VCT still intact or
  • Hi-Tq intake and exhaust CAMS w/ VCT delete and adjustable timing gears
    • you can have the SCT programmed to turn VCT sensor/actuator off
  1. get a Centerforce clutch from ZXTuner
  • Fidanza flywheel off Ebay optional

least important but will help some:

  1. put some 16X7 lightweight wheels with 205/45 UHPAS V, Z or W rated tires on

You do realize that an S/R has the Centerforce clutch stock right? So that should read" Centerforce clutch = Centerforce clutch"

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  • Darron

Not every 2000 Ford Escort ZX2 S/R was equipped with the Centerforce clutch, from what I’ve read maybe none were. Just like not every ZX2 is equipped with MacPhearson struts, my 01 came with Tokico’s.

Actually, I think you’ll actually find that the ZX2’s will have the Tokicos and not the McPhearsons. And the S/R’s (from my understanding) were supposed to be equipped with the Centerforce stock.

This is my understanding and therefore my signiture applies.

  • Darron

You may be right, I may be right. I know for a fact that the 99 S/R had the Centerforce, not 100% on the 00 S/R.

Well, if you only have $750 to spend here is what I would do

  1. OBX header $165 on Ebay
  2. 2.25" CAT back w/ hi-flow CAT $350 from TruBendz
  3. standard burn SCT $270 from LaSota Racing
  4. UDP $50 from ZXTuner

Those three things will hold you until you get some more money, make sure which cluth you have

Then throw in the Hi-Tq CAMS $400 for a set + $100 for the shims

Wow, I know this is my first post on this site, but I wanna know what happened to all the knowledge on TeamZX2. Cams=45hp? UDP=12hp? And the ZX2 can’t be turbocharged? As far as I know the best UDP is powder’s and it dyno’s at about 5whp not 12. And I’ve seen quite a few turboed Z’s, but good luck tryin to fit a supercharger in our engine bay. Well, anyways, good run at the track for a noob.

Sorry if I sounded like an ass, I was just tryin to point out that you shouldn’t give out false information. Plus, I know if Vit saw that he’d have something to say.

Wow, I know this is my first post on this site, but I wanna know what happened to all the knowledge on TeamZX2. Cams=45hp? UDP=12hp? And the ZX2 can't be turbocharged? As far as I know the best UDP is powder's and it dyno's at about 5whp not 12. And I've seen quite a few turboed Z's, but good luck tryin to fit a supercharger in our engine bay.

Oh, absolutely. Some people balloon their numbers. A supercharger is in the works from SEAM and Jayco is looking to create a manifold to use the Jackson Racing S/C.


I can tell by some of the post here that some members are just throwing up numbers and ideas and don’t really have a working knowledge of what to expect when modifying a Zetec.

You’ve got an excellent start with the S/R pacakge plus the equal length shorty header and 2 1/4" exhuast.

From here look to purchase a Powder UDP. 5WHP gain for $85. Considering you have a 00 S/R with either the CWQ3,XGH3 PCM I would look at purchasing a SCT X2. You will gain a few more whp and will set you up with a great tuning program for later down the road. CWQ3 or XGH3 still have much to be desired in terms of Ignition Timing.

From there call Rob Green @ ZXtuner and he should be able to spec you out some great camshafts for your S/R. Anywhere from a mild street cam to a wild .418 LIft Street cam. At this point stay away from the Race Cams, you need large compression to make up for that duration that they use.

Some will recommend a Ported IM with a BBK or FC throttle body but these mods will not benefit you greatly until you have a CNC’d Cylinder Head. That’s when the type of Intake manifold/Exhuast Manifold you use really start to play a factor.

Those 3 items should fit in your budget. Vitally on TeamZX2 can supply you with a SCT program and X2 for your S/R with or without VCT depending on what you do on the exhuast side of things.

Depending on Cam Choice, 146-150whp would be my educated guess.

Get a big bore TB
Get a JohnP IM
K&N drop-in

full length header

Hi-Rev intake CAM
Hi-Tq exhaust CAM