New from The Atl

Whats up everyone, new here just joined up. Bought my ZX2 last week and been looking for a forum to check out. I drive a 2000 Ford Escort ZX2 S/R that I really starting to like now that I got it. And also drive a '95 Civic Hatch which has been an on going project. I’ll def get some pics up of it soon, its nothin fancy right now, all stock. But hopefully I’ll get some tips and tricks from here. Already a way better site then a few other I looked at.

Congrats on the purchase. It’s a bit different then driving a Civic. Check out the forum, we do have someone people who really know what they are doing. Of course, if you are unsure about something, ask. This site is not about hazing, but collective learning.

Hope to see more posts from you.

woot somone else from GA. welcome man.

Yeah I was lookin at teamzx2 but they seemed like they didnt care about new members not to mention my account kept getting deleted.

But anyways. From the south side of Atlanta, in McDonough for any Georgians here.

Ok, so here are pics of the ZX2, still doing some cleaning on it. Bought from my friend who drove it up from Louisiana so I could buy it. So its got sand and other stuff in some of the jams and all, and under the hood. But as soon as it stops raining for a few days I’m gonna detail it.

And then here it is next to my other car.

The only thing I’m looking to figure out at the moment is whether or not my 16s (4x100) from Civic will fit the ZX2. The Z needs new tires and don’t feel like gettin new ones if the 16s will fit.

never a bad day to see a new fellow southeastern guy on the site, just remember that the only people better than those from GA are the ones from NC;)

joking aside your wheels will fit, as well as ones from vw’s too. You have a s/r so you have an jumpstart on the modding, again if you have any questions feel free to ask

Your teamzx2 account was probably deleted because you weren’t reading your confirmation email.

The s/r is definitely a good start. They’re a great car, it’ll treat you right.

Welcome aboard! Slick looking S/R man!

Very nice s/r you will soon enjoy it more and more as you drive it. They are a great car and are a ton of fun. I have never really upgraded my summer car(zx2) to another car since these things are great once modded.

Yeah its a fun little car I’ll agree. Happens to be my first stick shift so a little nerve about drivin it still but slowly gettin used to it.

But now I think that since my 16s will fit, I’m gonna have to bolt them on sometime this week or weekend.

If they’re the black ones in that picture they’ll look good. Black rims on the yellow s/r always looks nasty.

The more and more I think about it the more and more I wanna go do it right now… just might have to before I leave for work

Well I test fitted one of the 16s, the rims fit but def need lower profile tires. The tire was sittin/rubbin on the strut but it looked good though

nice car man, not many S/R’s in Georgia. daniel(99fordzx2) lives in McDonough, and Summit is a great reason to be around that area. I live in Columbus and go to school in Athens.

What size are the tires?

Mastercraft Sensys 01s 205/55/R16

yeah you’ll want 205/40 or 205/45 tires

Yeah thats what I was gonna put on the 16s when I had the hatchback laid out on air but swapped the air out for a motor so never spent the money for the tires

205/45 looks like crap on the eibach drop. I’d go 205/50. Thats what I have on my 16s, no pictures with the drop though… I sold the car before I got pictures. I can get some on the stock suspension if you want.

post it up anyways cap…i’d be curious to see what it looked like for gap

Yeah I’d like to see it too