So it was 89 in a 55, that’s… over the speed limit. $421 fine, i normally could JUST do diversion but the ticket is over the threshold and i HAVE to go to court. THe DA said most likely i’ll get diversion she couldn’t see reason WHY the judge WOULDN’T give it to me, being my first offense.

SO what the hell can i do? I need info, help! $421! it’s huge!


id like to help you but ive owed the state of PA money since about 3 weeks after i got my license, had it revoked already. not because of accidents just cuz of doing dumb shit and showing off so good luck and try to get an attorney even if its just a free consultation

89 in a 55
Teh dats huge! Sorry just had to, but don't worry I feel your pain, well, I never got that much in one ticket, but had my shares of tickets as well. Best thing to do, don't fight it, you'll end up paying more somehow, so just pay it. Put it on a credit card, get your parents to pay it, they'll find out about it sooner or later, just suck up and be a man and pay it.

out of my own experience with tickets…

fight it. often cops get too busy in with other things to show up at court. This has happened to me with every ticket i have gotten so far. I know in new york state if the cop doesnt show up to court you can ask for a deferment or something like that and the ticket gets squashed. I dont know if its the same in other states.

most times the judge wont offer to defer the ticket, they will try to give you another date, unless you ask for the ticket to be defered.

i know the 89 in a 55 is high, but if the cop does show up to court tell them you are quilty and realized your mistake, and they may lessen the charge to something like seat belt violation. This is almost always the case, especially with this being your first offense the courts will go easy on you.

ALWAYS FIGHT THE TICKET!!! Make the courts work for thier money. We pay them enough with our income taxes. i would rather pay a 200$ seat belt violtaion then a 400$ speeding ticket.

I believe you are right, a deferment. But the ticket doesn’t get thrown out or anything. What happens is, you have just forced the officer to have to come back on another day. This increases the likelihood that the rescheduling will overlap something of his own personal time, because the court does the rescheduling. If he doesn’t show up a second time, the ticket is thrown out because the officer (witness) can’t testify against you.

down here it has always been the first time the court offered to throw out the ticket for me. maybe I just got lucky.

It also helps to know someone in the blue.

in pa if the cop doesnt show up the case gets thrown out and noone has to pay

Damn it. Why can’t NY be like PA? They even get to blow off fireworks when they want.


Not saying this is every state, but I believe everyone pays a court fee either way just one more thing to worry about going to court again.

well yeah but they are crap … we cant even have bottle rockets or fire crackers

thats the truth. No bottle rockets or anything “explosive” or that leaves the ground. The only way to get them is to go to Ohio or North Carolina if you want the good ones.

norht carolna… isnt that where ‘south of the border’ is?

anyway, in all the times i have gone to court in NY state, I have NEVER had to pay any fee or fine, including the court fees associated with bringing the case to court.

all of my tickets have been squashed thus far due to the cop NOT showing up. Im not saying this is going to be the case all the time, but so far this is how it has worked for me.

different muicipalities may be different (ie… Buffalo may handle their courts different then Liberty.)

I’ve gotten two tickets. One was from WI and going up there to fight it wasn’t worth the cost of going up there. And then the other ticket was from a camera for 61 in a 50 so I just coughed up the $95 for that to keep my record clean and my insurance from going up.

  • Darron

I never had a problem with Buffalo Cops. Even if I did, I got a get out of jail free card. My buddy’s father is the Captain. My only problem is with the state police.

This was from the state police.

Yeah, those guys are dicks and take their job way to seriously. The Trooper that pulled me over was more conserned about my front licence plate and windows than the Porche that flew by at 85-90 mph. Weird huh?

I’m just gonna stop sweating it, whatever happens happens.

Sounds good. Keep us posted on what happens though…I’m curious.

  • Darron

I will :slight_smile:

i hate cops w/ a passion. but $421 is nothing. my bro got $6000 in just one ticket, and ended up in jail for a few hours. don’t worry about it, if u fight it, they’ll lower it for ya, pleed no contest, cuz it wouldn’t make sense if u pleed not guilty cuz he must’ve radared u. just chill, it’ll all be fine.