Mod idea's

Couldn’t help thinking that some on might have a great idea or mod they would like built for there ZX2 and do not have the equipment and resources to manufacture and build it. Feel free to let us know about it… Jeri

pre cut lexan window.
aliminium hood(roof sorry) possibly carbon fiber
skid plates
strenghtend strut mounts
roll cage for the street and one for race

what about power window to crank conversions?

junk yard the power window / crank conversions. its not that hard to do, just a matter of removing the motors and putting in the manual crank hardware.

How about a cold air box that isolates the filter from the engine bay? ive been thinking about doing one for a while now, and I know it was experimented with by someone else here…

How bout a T-Top conversion? Kinda living out my Knight Rider fantasy, but I rationalize it under weight reduction.


if anyone wants to convert to crank windows i have all the parts to do that…

as for the cold air box where do u want to bring the air into into it? behind the opening int the from bumper, ive been toying with the idea of dual throttle bodies…

I was thinking of placing it above the hole where the lower resonator sits, at the end of the intake tube. I saw it on a focus once and thought it would look good and might provide a little more air seperation in the engine bay.

ill run that idea on autocad…

I’ve thought of a rear strut arm bar. I have a pic of a Rare Ford/Roush Racing designed one. But as we all know no parts have ever or will evr be released. Even with my contacts in Roush Racing.

i custom built a rear strut brace for my ZX2 S/R for both top and bottom… one of these days ill take a pic and post it on here…


How about producing a high flow intake manifold that will put an end to the ford racing monopoly. If you could produce one for less that 500 bux for the FR version I would be number one on your list!!

Oh hahah guess I should of read my post about the ford racing intake manifold ! lol way to go on the short runner with dual’s, Thats AWESOME! when do you think you’ll have it in production and put me down for one!!

Thats what we are trying to do kill the Ford Racing Intake 500.00 is pathetic for an aluminum intake who’s air flow is not impressively better than the stock intake… i should have the intake readu by x-mas and im shooting for it to use orings to seal the ports and throllle body so it would be more fitted for performance applications estimated price less than 300.00

Its begining to look a lot like christmas… :smiley:

well as long as i dont have a to wear a red suit and gain weight im ok with that…

Any price around $300. Count me in!

Absolutly fantastic! Count me in for the manifold, the dual tb’s and your manual steering rack!! Possibly suped up 5spd. seriously lol

BTW if your into busting monopolies you think you can make a lightened flywheel for less that 300 lol?