me Vs. Friends 4.6 T-bird

let me start off by saying we are good friends and we work together and hes not much older than me, im 16 and hes 18…

WELL anyways it was late at night and we both got off work at the same time and we go the same direction to go home and we both stopped at a red light. He revs and its ferious, so i retaliate (srry if this sounds like a pokoman matchup) the light turns green so i put the pedal to the metal and get a good grip on the road while my friends tires spin like a mother :roll: well i get an early lead and i dont know what happened but he just zooms past me and hes laughing his ass off so i give him a thumbs up…well looks like im saving up money for mods :smiley:

In having our buts handed to us we learn what it is like to lose. Its important, so when we win, we do so with grace and honor.

And a hit of BOOYA!!!

sooner or later we will have a rematch, when i have more mods of course :smiley:

First mod shouold be intake because they are the cheapest. 2nd would be UDP and 3rd is an SCTx2.

What year is his 4.6 T-bird? Does he have any mods done do it? The 96/97 4.6’s run high 15’s stock so you shouldn’t be too far off if you have a 5-speed.

i dunno its probily 96’, its got duel exuast and i think everything is stock, but i saw his engine and its freaking huge…

i have been looking at intakes and i dunno which ones best :expressionless:

WDF is an iceman?! :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is a listing of all known parts for the Zx2. Look over it.

Iceman intake is what came on the S/R model.

unfortunately… rumor has it that iceman is no longer in buisness…

thanks man, your the most helpful person :smiley:

There was a dyno comparison of all available intakes at the time, the Hotshot came out number 1 followed closely by the CTA. You should still be able to find both somewhere. Or you can wait for Jayco to finish his. I’m sure it will decimate all. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

  • Darron

If you have more than a few mods, Hotshot will fall on it’s face due to the 2.5" tubing. I’d wait to get an intake until you have worked over the exhaust. Header should be #3 on your list, after UDP and a chip of some sort. UDPs are the best band for buck mod you can do.

Good to know, I got a new one comming myself.

I'd wait to get an intake until you have worked over the exhaust.

That mod slipped my mind because when I got my custom dual exhaust, they told me they couldn’t do the headers due to some Federal Law. They said they couldn’t legally touch it for another 2 years.

Mirror, that’s why you install it yourself. :slight_smile: The federal law is the catalytic converter not being there. But once the car is old enough the emmissions laws on it aren’t as strict which may be why they said they can’t do it for a couple years yet.

  • Darron

Wait, hun? Explain that again.

In states with emissions testing…after a certain age the emission laws loosen. So you buy a brand new car, the emissions need to be squeaky clean. But for a classic like a 69 Mustang…you can have full header and straight pipe because the car/engine is so old that it’s not made for emissions, so they don’t test it.

So if he’s got a 98, next year (depending on the exact build date) it could be 10 yrs old, therefore not needing to meet as strict of an emission test. Then the shop might install the header for him.

Darth, you could be waiting a long time living in CA though…they’re more anal than Monk when it comes to emissions…bastards. Yet the Governator has his own fleet of H1’s…

  • Darron

Crap. Well, I guess I’ll just have to wait for that dual exaust look then.

If you do some research you should find the exact laws for your area, or just ask next time you go test.

  • Darron

Luckly for me, NYs only emissions test is done by hooking up to the OBD-II port. A simple mil-elimitator will do it for me. But in places like CA and other states, they actually test the from the tail pipe.