Longest mtx life?

Anyones tranny lasting more than 30k with signifigant mods?

207k miles and counting! All original with no mods on the tranny.

pushing 60k on original tranny with whatever is in my profile sig.

I got 90k on my original atx im at another 70k on my level 10

I just realized that I’m at about 30k with pretty much all available bolt ons. I got a brand new OEM tranny installed at about 64k if I remember correctly. I just turned 90k a couple weeks ago.

  • Darron

i had 175 k on my 98 ZX2 before the spider gears decided to go south for the winter.

My first trans made it 75k, the second one did not even make it 20K, I am still working on installing the third. this will be the last after this I buy a new car.

I thought i was at 116k, i’m actually at 106k, but 106k and running strong. I have calmed down a LOT on my aggressive driving though, which helps.

Made it 134k before locking into 4th.

im at 119k and mine went out…spider gears said “FUCK YOU”…lol…i got a MTX from jayco on the way though :smiley:

i have 171k on my 98 and 30,000 on my 2000 s/r

One of the IMPROVED ones? Let me know how that goes! Those interest me a LOT!

180K on the motor. 90K on the trans. The first one went till 90K then it got stuck in 4th :x

Alright lets get MORE specific…

When your tranny busted at what mileage did it go out and what kind of maintenance was done to it in it’s lifetime?

Example: My tranny busted at blahblah miles… I did flushes on a regular basis or every blah blah and my preferred tranny brand for tranny fluid is blah blah brand.

Perhaps if we put our heads together we can find out who’s has lasted the longest and why?

I’ll start… 110k on motor and 110k on tranny, both still running strong. I do believe my last flush included castrol?

(edit) i try to do my tranny flushes every 20k, however, i am going to switch that up to 15kstarting my next flush.

How often are you doing a tranny flush?

I meant to do one when the weather was warmer but I never found the Penzoil Syncromesh I was looking for.

edited that for you

yeah im quite over due. lol!

but 63k and she’s going strong

My stock tranny went out (stuck in 4th) while on the drag strip at 60 some k.

Current tranny is brand new with 30 some k.

  • Darron

My 02 tranny developed a grinding noise at about 75k, but the repair only cost a couple hundred at a local Ford dealer. It shifted firmer after that, but I lost the car at around 86k. My 03 is at 81k and still going strong.

On another note I’ve bumped into a few local tuners (one being Damnit from teamzx2) that will be able to lend some expertise when its time for the MTX swap.

I bought my car with about 35k miles on it. The sinchros have never been super smooth but so far I have a little north of 59k. My most recent issue was the master and slave clutch ciliders that gave out. Due to that problem I grinded down the synchros even further but it is still functional.