Income Tax Return

im gettin about 200 back… what should i do first to increase acceleration… dont really need top speeds to do what little racin i do… prolly increase my ricer look also… just for you guys… pics soon i promise… gotta get someone to take em… bc you want me and the car… not that i think anyone wants the car… :wink:

Get an underdrive pulley (UDP).
Then I would go for an intake upgrade or rear 19mm-22mm Sway bar.

i still got myintake for sale for 60 bucks +shipping it needs a filter tho

i’m getting back 7203…what should i get :lol:

actually, i’m paying off all my credit cards. as for your 200…intake, UDP, or even a johnP ported intake manifold or chip!

wow why dont we rub it in… thats why it pays to be a kid lol… no bills!

I was going to get back nearly $1500 but due to my new job vs what was with held at my old one I made too much and it put me in a different tax bracket (god damnit) and now I’m getting back more like $800 instead :frowning:

With 200 I’d recommend redoing your intake (you can do a resonator mod and get nearly as much as a regular intake, hell, just do an iceman from the TB to your stock air filter cover), and then an underdrive pulley (esslinger is the best from what I’ve heard so far, they also make VERY good quality parts for 2.3 SOHC and 2.0 DOHC engines, so I’d trust them), so that would put you at about $120-150 there, and with the other $50 or so I’d say find a used short throw on here or on teamzx2 in the classifieds, you can nab them for $40, I got mine (BRAND NEW CONDITION) B&M shifter for $40, and it’s another $10 for the ES bushings. Then you’ve got better intake, less stress/load on the engine which also due to the lightweight pulley vs it underdriving it all you’ll have more hp and to top it off with a short throw you’ll have more crisp and shorter shifts.

You’ll be like “WTF, where did my Z go, this feels so much better.”

You finnally see it my way. lol Just kidding buddy sorry to hear about the taxes i got nailed the same way,

yikes… hope I dont get hit wiht the higher bracket… im right on the line…

Im only gettin $36 back LOL. I changed how my checks were so I would get the money each paycheck instead of at the end of each year. I work part time and get paid crappy, hence the reason Im lookin for a new job…

I’m in the same boat as Yellow. $144.00 from Federal but owe $264.00 to State.

I was told to just claim 1 by some tax pro guy, he said to just claim 1.

I only claimed 1 also. That way I get the money and spend it right away. (actually my mother was the one that filled out the taxes part of my aplication, and now im kinda mad b/c Im not getting the expected money at the end of the year like last year).

I have yet to find out what I am getting back. Still waiting on my W2s from the club that I worked at. I would have them if the idiots would have changed my address when I gave it to them :x . I went in there to pick them up and they were like “They should be in your mail box” I was like “I don’t live there anymore” Now I have to wait for the mail to send them back my W2s and for them to send them to my correct address. Grrrrr! If I don’t get them by the end of the month I am going in there and raising hell.
Anywho I hope to get enough back to cover Darron’s wedding band which I need to get still. That is if I don’t get screwed over because The Emporium wasn’t taking out Federal Tax. I pointed that out to them and they didn’t do anything, so hell will again be raised if I end up oweing money. Oy…I hate stupid people…


I’m thinking about $800… unfortunately, all of that will go to the broke ass Bimmer, and only pay off 1/3 of it.

I was considering paying off the last bit of the zx2 with my returns but it’s almost paid off so i’ll just save it for something better and let my credit build :slight_smile: If i can sell my cheesy as mustang i have now I’ll be getting a 65-69 this summer :slight_smile: That 302 is just chilling on my engine stand begging for a rebuild and some power parts and a car to enjoy it’s meaty 5.0 litres of beauty :slight_smile:


im coming to oregon to help you build it!!!

do it! :slight_smile:

My plans are…

4 speed conversion (only IF the car is an auto when I buy it, hopefully we find a manual), build the 302 to at least 350-400hp, going black with silver accents with an interference red pearl over the basecoat and then clearcoat it. Interior will be black leather with silver accents. Just a standard black medium tint. I’m going to paint the engine itself with a metallic silver with a red pearl over it and do a 500 degree rated clearcoat over that, the rest is gonna be CHROME. i just want a stealthy looking oldschool badass looking mustang :slight_smile: and this II isnt’ cutting it.

lol… never really liked the looks of the mustang II’s.

LOVE the 64.5-69’s though. I acutally want to do a similiar project here, however I dont have a garage. there are PLENTY of mustangs in this area though in that year.

Lots of them around here too, ESPECIALLY in prineville, there is a green one been sitting in this guy’s yard for EIGHT YEARS, just chilling… hanging out, not doing a damn thing. I think this summer I’ll make him an off her he won’t refuse I’m hoping and rescue the poor pony.

btw i dont have a standard