I'm 100% sober!

31 days of sobriety… I’m so proud of myself… 334 days to go yaaaaaaaaaaay!
Anyone else have substance abuse issues? They say it’s good to share.

Well congrats on your sobriety, but sobriety is supposed to be a lifetime change. Don’t get involved in counting down the days till you can drink or get high again.

I know it’s a lifetime change, but I’m still angry with the “system”, I’m sure my outlook will change slightly but there is a reason I choose to use that particular substance, while they may be unfounded, I’ve noticed changes in my behavior not contributed with withdrawl. I’m having nightmares again, and I believe I may be Bi-Polar. Im not into engineered medicines, they’re dangerous and have side effects that I cannot except. But feel free to criticize my opinions… I love to hear other peoples views.

I have to admit I have the irish disease in me… quite the curse. I try to not let myself get on the stuff too much but my body is ADDICTED. I have calmed myself down as i get cravings very very very badly for things to drink… out of nowhere i get the worst urges to just drink. Thankfully i am not a drunkard nor do i get violent, either way it isn’t good for the body.

Since i started i have calmed down a LOT. If i get the cravings i’ll just calm myself down and do something else to keep myself occupied. I have limited myself lately to small things that are rich in flavor to cut down how much i can take in (like very very very rich flavored wine, such as strong chardonnays). However, I’ll admit last night I had half a bottle of sake on my own… good god… first time in a long time…

Its a hard thing to control.

Congrats on being sober for a while thats very hard to do.

I wasnt trying to insult anyone. I know there are reason why people choose to use particular substances. I have dealt with addiction through my family members and I have seen how they have changed. They are much better off sober then they ever were using. The “system” did not make you use whatever your drug of choice was. They just enforced the lesser of the consequences.

Addiction runs in my family and I choose to stay away from substances that may hook me, which is pretty much everything. Yes there was a time when I enjoyed going out drinking and even smoked a bit here and there. But there came a time when I matured and realized that doing that shit is not going to take me where I want to go in life. My so-called friends hate me for not wanting to hang out with them anymore.

If you are bi-polar you need to get that diagnosed by a medical doctor. True engineered drugs do have side effects, but so do ‘natural drugs’. I deal with people who are mentally retarded and mentally ill everyday. I work in a OMRDD facility. OMRDD is the Office of mental retardation and developmental disabilities. bi-polar is a very common mental illness, and while there is no cure for it, taking drugs can and more then likely will actually make the symptoms worse. The ONLY proven drug that i am aware of for bi-polar so far is Lithium. If you were bi-polar before you started using, the drugs only masked it.

Mark you are the man! It takes a lot to leave those people behind that influence you in the wrong way. I’ve done the same with my so called “friends”, my hat is off to you my friend. Thats a decision that sucks to make but is a good thing to do in the long run.

i used to be a major drunk, never affected my work ethic or anything like that but i got tired of waking up with everyone else’s girlfriends in bed so have cut back a lil. and good luck with the sobriety…we will be in your corner…

I’m lucky because I have REAL friends who understand my situation, and won’t allow me to mess up. Even if I did walk away from my friends, there’s still my family. But I never indulge with them cause they’re lunatics.

I also have that Irish curse but i call it a blessing. I can drink very very large amounts of whisky and even drink myself sober. Now that I’m married with kids i just don’t have the time or energy to drink any more

Good to hear it man. This was a really interesting post, and its helped us (or at least me) get to know you better. Congrats so far, and I hope you can count us in on that group of friends.

Congrats!!! I’ll be praying for you bro. I know you can do it! You have so much more to loose than to gain if you give in. Think about it that way. :slight_smile:

I’ve never had a addiction to anything more than sweet cold iced tea. lol But my reasons why not is because I grew up around drugs all my life, and I didnt want to grow up like my mother. I wanted to be better than that. :wink:

Either drugs or alcohol, I’m sure its not an easy task to just go cold turkey but you can do it. :slight_smile:

Yeah strong willed people are the greatest… I hope I can be like that.

Willpower is something that comes with practice. Remember that. :slight_smile:

Congrats on staying sober:) That is quite the accomplishment:) I too will keep you in my prayers, you too Derek.
I like Mark come a family where alcoholism runs in the family. It is not a pretty thing to grow up around. Its painful and stressful. I did a little partying myself but I never let myself get to the point to where I couldn’t control it because I didn’t want to become what I grew up with. I eventually stopped drinking and everything all together, I don’t really talk to anyone anymore that I partied with except for a select few who I am trying to bring to the Lord.
I also grew up with family members who have bi-polar. I have been bleesed to show no signs of it so far. Get yourself to a doctor ASAP and get a professional diagnosis. The disease needs to be treated. Yes, the meds do have side-effects, but if you get on the right combo of meds you will pretty much be like normal. Good luck with your sobriety dude.


so hows beeing sober coming just asking and reminding you that you have my support…

Being able not to become inebriated has not been a problem, but being sober is real stressful, my mind is all over the place. I can’t sleep, I take two naps a day and might sleep for three hours at night. I’ve been working around the house just to tire myself out, but I still have a lot of energy. I’ve been having strange dreams too, I didn’t used to dream at all. Oh, and statistics say the when your high you’re 40% slower, which I always thought was bull, but I’m definately a little quicker, though my steering isn’t as smooth.

id recomend a herbal relaxiant like valerian root, helps calm your nerves and promotes a regualr sleep pattern…if that doesnt work grab a sleeping aid at your local drug store…

Clean your engine. Polish all the chrome/metal/steel in your car too, while your at it, shampoo the carpets and seats. I swear that will tire you out! :smiley:

You can do it bro. We’re praying for you. :slight_smile:

Just becareful with sleep-aids. They can sometimes be just as addictive as narcotics. What other things have you tried at night to get you to relax your body and mind. I agree with Jay-co, try the Valerian root or other herbal supplements.

I was advised by my “therapist” not to use herbal remedies because it would interfere with my drug screens, but I’ll ask when I see her Monday. Thanks for your support by the way.