Help! My car is freaking me out!!

yup yup yup… ATX…

i cant drive a stick… :oops:

I too drive an ATX and the problems you are describing are the same for me. To fix the problems you will need to upgrade your electrical system. Get a grounding kit and a Capacitor. That should alleviate some the problems you are having.

I will be purchasing an SCT flasher this summer. From what I’m told they help out a lot with shifting. I’ll tell you what I find out later.

thanks soooo much… it just frustrates me… some days my car runs GREAT and others i cant get it to run for shit

You should totally learn. It is so much fun :stuck_out_tongue: Only reason I have an automatic is because I couldn’t find a manual with everything else that I wanted in my price range.


I really want to… i just dont know many people with a stick… with the exception of a few who drive such cars as trans ams etc that i am afraid of tearing up

Check your local paper for a cheap car that has a manuel. Beat the crap out of that and then you can do a Tranny Swap later on your Z.

I totally would but Darron and I are getting married in less than two and half months so any spare pennies that I have right now are going towards the wedding. Darron and I have talked about doing a tranny swap but I am thinking about trading my z in for a mazda 6 in like four or five years so not sure it would be worth it. Probably just end up doing some light mods to it like tinting the windows, an intake and some different rims for her.


When do we get invitations???

Congrats Miranda! Hope you guys have a great wedding!

No worries mark, soon as I get married you can have an invitation to come down and chill over here :slight_smile:

w3rd! I love going to weddings!

Thanks guys!! :smiley: Darron and I are both super thrilled!! :smiley:

You and your lady set a date yet Koi?


Speak for yourself! :wink: Right…which is why that’s one of the first two things I bring up when I see someone I know that I haven’t talked to in a long time. :slight_smile:

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…congrats guys! new adventure…

It could be that your Catalytic Covertor is clogged!! That just happened to me. I took it to my guy at Mytee and it was saying “Cylinder 3 Misfire”. We pulled out the 3rd Spark Plug wire and oil was in there. It was sounding like it was bout to backfire when you would rev it. Only when it was warm. We cleaned that, THought my Valve Cover Gasket was leaking so I ordered a new one for $10 from my gf’s dad’s bro who works for Ford. Originally $52 at AutoZone… It would jerk when i pushed the gas all the way down blah blah. We pulled the Convertor in front of the engine out, took the shield off, cut it open, ripped the bee’s wasp lookin thing out, welded it shut, put it all back to cover, so know it’s free air, better running, i can push the gas all the way down, i was so happy when i fixed it i was doin burnouts n shit, doin 80 in 35’s hahaha… yeah… well just rev ur shit up at night, look in front of ur engine and see if the convertor is glowing red!