Help! My car is freaking me out!!

I am not sure if this goes here. If not sowwy.
So I when I got in my car this morning to head to work my car started to shake worse than usual and it seemed like it was mostly coming from underneath the hood and it was shaking my rear view mirror really bad. (I know the car idles rough but this is pretty bad, way worse than usual) Then when I stopped at a light it would not speed up no matter how much I floored it at least not untill it got to 4000 RPM and then it would kick up to speed really fast. It did this a few times pretty much every time I stopped at a light or something. It seemed like it was about to stall out so I tried turning off the car and restarting it then it actually did stall out so I started it and reved it a few times while I had it in park and the service engine light came on. The car proceeded to jerk and sputter when I first got onto the expressway. It seemed like it did this untill it warmed up.
Now it has done this a few other times. The service engine light came on last time that it did the same thing when I turned off the car and restarted it. I took it up to my dad’s work and had him run a diagnostic for me and the code came up as the ignition coil pack so he cleared the code out and it has not given me problems since then up untill today. It seems to only do this when it sits for extended periods of time and of course it always does it whenever Darron is not around.
Does this ever happen to anyone else? Any suggestions or help would be great. Thanks so much.


How many miles are on the car? Look at the coil pack and see if you see anything abnormal like corrosion at the connector or anything like that. It may just need a tuneup.


sounds like a coil pack


Make kissy faces to Darron till he buys a MSD for you!!


That sounds like an easy fix, I wonder if he’ll buy me one if I do that…

Wait, nevermind that would be awkward.

Yes Koi…that would be awkward. I’ve got my stock coil pack that was working fine before I upgraded to an MSD… If it ever freakin’ warms up I’ll try swapping them. And if it still does it…I’ll get 'er the MSD. :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Darron

The coil pack causes all of that? Wow…who would have thought…The car only has a little over 67,000 miles on it. Only thing I have done maintainance wise is change the oil(well Darron changed the oil but you know) Which reminds me that she needs another one…
Well I sure hope thats the problem. My wallet is already hurting enough as it is. :frowning:
Thanks for the input guys. It is much appreciated. I am going to be sure to start with the kissy faces ASAP. LOL :lol:


there you go! two problems solved with one answer!

If you need a coilpack I still have my 03 stocker sitting in my basement. I know Darron said he had his stocker to. let me know, how things work out.

Why does it have to warm up? Its only 1 clip and 4 bolts later and its off then swap and put back on the 4 bolts and clip and your done. Id say 15min MAX as long as you know where ur tools are (unlike me, have to move everything from projects to find certain tools)

Well…I had her car today while she was at work so I pulled it in the garage, gathered the tools and swapped 'em. Took like 10 min as I figured it would. I didn’t have any issues with it while driving it before the swap, and it’s still running good now after, so…we’ll see what happens.

And I don’t care how short a time it took…I’d rather it be warmer like it was today (By no means WARM at about 40) than butt nasty cold with freezing fingers. :slight_smile:

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i hear ya Darron!

most of my car audio installs took place in sub-30 temperatures.

The cold tells you to keep going until the job is complete. That means no more breaks for my lazy brother. Though one down side is if you lose gip on a bolt and smash your hand, it hurt a whole hell of alot more.

smashing your hand when its cold doesnt hurt… its when your hand warms up and you get blood flow back…

I have to disagree. Smacking your hand when it is cold hurts a lot more and sends an isntant feeling of pain. At first it hurts more than when its warm, then it numbs cause its cold then u go inside and it heats up and starts killing like crazy.

obviously you’ve never spent any time in Chicago in the winter…when it’s 10 below 0 and you smack your hand…it hurts like a bitch!

it never even got that cold in alaska.

i know i was trying to be sarcastic.

Hey Tim, it hasn’t been below zero out here in Chicago yet (ignoring the wind chill readings), its been actually warm here this winter! The lowest it got so far is like 10 degrees.

10 degrees…brrrrrr! I think that was about the lowest we got here in Toledo this year. Not quite sure though. All I know is my fingers get numb when its 30 degrees.
Anywho back to the original topic…No issues so far since Darron has replaced my coil pack. But it hasn’t really been left sitting since it has been changed either and like I said it only happened once and awhile and never when Darron was in the car with me. Hopefully nothing else happens though. I still hope to maybe see a MSD in the future though :wink:


it was 33* out this morning…in east-central FLORIDA!!! it was colder here this morning in florida than it was in Alaska!!

If it does this after sitting you may be getting moisture in the wires or connections. Tell Daron to get some spark plug boot grease to put on the ends where the wires connect, both to the plug and the coil. If the stock coil was good before and the problem comes back, the coil is not to blame so don’t waste the money on the MSD. The hotter coil isn’t needed for your application anyhow. Also, these are also symptoms of a bad TCC (Torque Converter Clutch) switch. If it stays locked, the engine will stall and studder until the car picks up speed.

I was outside Target for 10 hours overnight in the 10 degree weather not including the -2 degree wind chill factor. (was getting my XBOX 360)