Help! My car is freaking me out!!

Any speculations on when the next shipment of Xbox360s come in? Got to know if I’m buy a 360 then the 42in Plasma or vice versa.

I put in my stock coil…never had a prob with it, but we haven’t had her car sit real long to know if it took care of the issue yet.

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Nope no problems yet!! :smiley: It has sat a day or so once or twice since Darron switched the coil packs out and has been doing as good as gold. Thanks to my baby I got a new tie-rod too! He took her to Tireman to get it replaced for me. My baby is so good to me :smiley: It was kinda a must do since we took her up to Detroit last Friday but still. Once again thank you love!!


Mine used to shake , the the throw out bearing went . So I replaced the whole clutch asssembly and flywheel and the car idles fine!!! I laugh at all the people puting ground kits on , what a waste of wire !

what if its as simple as a sparkplug or plug wires

as in my example from earlier this week… checking connection with the spark plugs would be a good start for future references to the idle problem.

I did ford racing wires on mine thanks to a fellow member on here and my idle is a bit better now.

Hey guys!, I think my Z has the same failure, could you please tell me where’s located the coil pack in the engine?

You serious?

If you are serious. Look for the spark plug wires on the top of the engine and follow them from the head to the coil pack. It looks like this, only the stock one isn’t red.

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thanks man, I don’t know whats on my head I know that piece.

my car tends to vibrate alot when its in neutral or park… doesnt do it too bad when i have stopped with my foot still on the break… dunno… any suggestions…

also my car use to get up and go fairly quickly… but now it seems to lag and shift funny… it shifts REALLY hard… suggestions there??

money situation is better now. i just got new tires…others went kinna bald… these are filled with nitrogen( is this a good thing lol my dad got em put on)

lemme kno please… thanks for all ya’lls help :smiley:

The Zx2 is going to rattle. They always have, and always will.

I would check the air filter first, then the oil, then the spark plugs depending on mileage.

New tires will decrease your acceleration because the diameter is slightly larger and they have better grip which doesn’t aways equate to better acceleration on a smaller car. Nitrogen is suppose to increase fuel efficiency by like 5%. The verdict is still out on that one.

its only a matter of time before my tires wear down…

about the spark plugs… thats what someone else said to me… i have 91000 miles on my car i think… maybe just 90000… anyways… new air filter and oil change VERY recently

Its shifting HARD? When is the last time you did a tranny flush…

um… wanna know the truth. lol

its really jerky… and acceleration is alot slower

Probably a tranny problem as KoiHoshi is trying lead on to.

i have not had my tranny flushed since i’ve owned the car… all ive done is changed the oil when needed… new tires on the front… and new windshield wiper blades… not to mention light bulbs here and there

What type of transmission: ATX or MTX?

From reading her previous posts I am pretty sure she has an ATX trannie.


^what she said.

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