I went to the zxtuner.com web page and I didnt see the zxtuner.com headers. I really planned on getting them within the next few weeks. Does any one know of another good quality 4-2-1 header?

I love my Kamikaze. You can get them at a discount from Ptuning.com.

  • Darron

With Kamikaze you didnt have to aint it or anything like that? How about fitment?

No fitment issues at all. Perfect. I was looking for blue for the header… I had them sent directly to JetHot for their coating for three reasons. 1) My neighbor recommended them because their coatings keep the engine temps lower than offered coatings. 2) They coat in blue. 3) They have a lifetime rust-free warrenty and I heard of rust issues for the Kamikaze.

My guess would be if you get the ceramic coating you can always wrap it in heat tape or whatever. But depending on your area, it may not be an issue anyway.

  • Darron

How much did it cost to get it Jet coated?

It was $193.50 But worth it. Now if only I could garage my Z in the winter.

Two extra side notes.

  1. There’s a bracket that you need to remove when installing the header so that it doesn’t bang against the header when installed.

  2. If you drive the car in the winter with snow/salt they say they’ll void the lifetime rust-free warrenty.

I wasn’t aware of #2 until they arrived at my house. But since I have no other ride this year I’m driving it anyway because #1 took some of the coating off anyway which probably voids the warrenty anyway.

If #2 isn’t an issue for you it’s far more than worth it. 40% lower engine temps I think is what they advertise plus they can do colors other than black or chrome. Check 'em out.

  • Darron

wow thanks bro I will. As soon as X-Mas lets me save money to work on my car again. Damn you Santa letting me recieve gifts and at the same time give gifts. X-Mas is a double edged sword. Oh well lifes life.

A bit late, but I too will chime in on Jet-Hot’s quality. I had them coat my $1,200 headers for my AV6, and they’re still super shiney and pretty. I only had to pay aroudn $200 as well. It’s the best thing you can do to your header.

$1200 headers? :-o Must be produced by NASA. But I get what you guys are saying. I just dont see how headers can rust. For the guy on a budget who really doesnt have the money at his point to have them Jet- Hot coated would you guys say that its alright to buy the headers now and get them Jet-Hotted later? Salt really isnt that big of an issue n or near my house.

Yeah you can do that. They’ll clean up anything that might happen to 'em while you’ve been using them.

  • Darron
:-D Awesome. Ill Doooo it. Thanx for the help.

The only 4-2-1 for the ZX2 is the Hotshot / ZXTuner design. All others are copys of that.

It’s not a very good design, since the whole reason you have a 4-2-1 is for exhaust scavenging, and to do that, all 4 pipes need to be equal length. ZXTuners is not. What that does is essentially change how all the gasses come together, making it so that when it should be scavenging, it probably won’t be, because the pipes aren’t the same length.

If that doesn’t make sense, I apologize, it’s still early in the morning.

I don’t care if it’s a copy, I know that it released some power…especially up high.

  • Darron

If you don’t think the zxtuner header is any good, then what 4-2-1 header would you reccommend?

There isn’t another header for the ZX2 that is a 4-2-1 design. The OBX is the exact same as the ZXTuner header, but with a 2 inch collector instead of 2.25. Everything else is the same.

I wouldn’t run a 4-2-1 on the Z, unless somebody came out with one that had truely equal length primaries, and a 2.5" collector. That would be one sweet header.

If I got a header (not a free one lol) I would go with Kami.

What do you think of the JBA?

It’s not bad for a shorty. It certainly won’t give the gains a full length header would.

The runners are pretty skinny though, they seemed really tiny… I got one of those too… LoL

Yea, I’m limited to the state emissions laws. Though since I plan on installing it myself, I guess I’ll learn the setup well enough that I can put the old one back in for testing.

How hard is it to install a header anyway?

It’s a P.I.T.A. It took my dad and I about 8hrs to swap out the stock manifold for the Kami. I have a write up somewhere of a how-to…been trying to find it for a while.

  • Darron

Jesus! Eight hours?! Doing the headers on my AV6 was only five hours at the most.