timing is subjective to experience level. I think 8 hours is a bit long myself, but not having put in a header I could easily see it taking that long for me to do and make sure it was done right.

Most of the time was spent trying to break free the bolts. I don’t remember if that included the hour round trip to pick up Tigress mid install or not… I think it did…so seven actual work hours.

  • Darron
Most of the time was spent trying to break free the bolts.

This is your biggest time consumer. The heat from the exhaust can sometimes weld bolts in place. And you really want to take your time taking them off. You don’t want to strip the inside threads, snap the bolt or scratch the aluminum head. If this does happen, you will be shelling out a lot of money for a new head or paying someone else to fix the mistake.

Wow, good to know. Since the JBA isn’t gonna void my CARB status, I think I’ll just have the guys that did my Borla install handle it, there isn’t a need for me to worry about it myself. If any of you are down long beach way and need some work done, look these guys up.


Not only is their staff friendly and awesome, but their operation is one of the cleanest setups I’ve seen.

Hello friends , i from Mexico, http://www.poweredbyzetec.com

i have the obx headers , but i dont install it yet, i think to isolate before to, a friend put it, but any insulatorm, and now the hf filter is capted all the hot air . Do you have one solution or ideas ? thanks !!

Ok, theres a gal from teamzx2 that is offering a used JBA that I’m gonna take him up on. Looks like I’m gonna go down to San Diego and pull it off, and give him mine, which is part of the deal. I’m gonna try to rip the header off my 02 before I go, but I only have a few days. Anyone have a write up on this procedure?

will be selling 4-2-1 headers in a few weeks available in black finish and armour coat

I’ll put my JBA header , 2.5 inch downpipe , with full 2.5 inch exhaust against your kami or obz any day …I got some gains for you .

do what i did bend your own full lenght header.

Good god man, that sounds awesome! Pics?

i had bought a pacesetter header for my zx2 and it was a p.o.s… i went thru 3 pacesetter headers becuz they kept on cracking at the welds…

yes pacesetters will break. Bad machined welds they did.

I’ve heard the same thing here on pacesetter from feedback on other owners/members. I heard the ZXtuner header is good, as is the kamikazee.