got boost?

stright cut gears but you would have to do the hole tranny like that which would cost way too much.

kicker i got a solution for your trans probs. i talked to craig liberty today. you need to call me .


This could be fun.

i sent my ph# to your gmail acct.

Hmmmm. :slight_smile: The plot thickens.

mmmm secrets secrets are no fun… why don’t you share with everyone

kicker, what rims do u have on ur car? I like them, Im looking for something different then these junk ass played out RICE motegi mr7’s 16" I have…

Yet I want something light…

old post yes, but id like to further this tranny build as im almost positive im second to kickerzx2, Im making a good amount of power now, and I just killed my trans, as for nopw the car is done until I can figure out what I wanna do. I find it useless to put a stock trans in and it just blow again.

At first I thought about a weleded Diff, Id like to hear what kicker has to say about it, as the zx2 is not my daily driver, but I will bw driving it on the street, and driving to the track which takes about an hour to get to.

I wanan do LSD, but it seems like too mutch probkems with trying to figure out what axles you need and what needs to be moded to fit the lsd in…