got boost?

:? YES. Im new to the site so im gona start posting where i will do the most viewing. For those of you who dont know me Im kickerzx2. always have been always will be. i have been racing zx2's sence 99 and building them sence 00. I have 5 ZX2s ranging from slow as hell to one of, if not, the fastest street driven zx2 in america. My fast car is a 2000 turboed z running 24.5 psi right now but im getting rid of that kit and making a new one and using a GT35R. it made 380 whp and broke the trany on the dyno so im junking the zx2 trany and probably gona make a TH350 adapter and go RWD. but my vega comes first before that undertaking. n e ways just wanted to say hi.

Welcome, I seen some of the vids :evil:, awesome…


Yeah could we get some pics? I am kind of interested in your Zs.

here ya go.

Nice, 300hp is my goal. It’s great to see you made it. I just gives me more confidence.

Welcome to the Site.

best of luck to you id be happy to help you in any way i can let me just worn you that 300whp you WILL be breaking tranies. if you weld the diff or get a good possi (not lsd) you will break 3rd and 4th gears. with lsd you will break sinkros and shift forks. iv broken 19 trannies now. iv tried everything.

Perhaps this is another project for Jayco?

iv been talking to him about this for some time now. but i have went many steps further then just him. The Mazda sponcered race team used to use these tranies about 4 years ago. I got ahold of their trany guy through the ralley zx2 i sponcered and we talked. with compleetly building the tanny including making a new case and braces and all new forged gears stright cut setup’s as well they still failed at 425 hp. they spent 10k on a trany that lived for 2 passes on one of their cars. they just dont live.

also jaco says their tanny is good to 300 but has anyone ever tested it? cuz i make a stock one live with that for atleast alittle while. the 11.5 pass was done on a stock trany with a welded diff.

Whats up dude. Good to see you on the other side. Always good to have one of the old school dudes.

whats going on bro ltnc. ya im tired of that other site. too much bs. the fun is gone. so im hoping things are alittle diffrent here.

hey kicker I was wondering if you have (i’m sure you have) the svt 6-speed trans is suposed to be pretty stout, any thoughts will it hold to power?

it is but the gearing is phucked for what im doing. im running a 26" tall tire but first gear will still be way too short

Kicker great to see you here bro. I was woundering I you tride cry’oing the trani? I was thinking of using Escape shift forks, and syncro’s combined with ZX2 gearing. Then cry’O the Dambed thing and praying it holds up. What do you think…

it will help but for the power im puting down and going to put down with the new turbo kit its not worth the time. iv already started on the RWD conversion for it. im gona adapt a turbo 350 GM trany to the zx2 motor. i just picked up my gt35r turbo, 44mm wast gate and new intercooler so im going for 600+ hp and 9’s on boost.

Holy cow!!! At least we have somebody that it getting it done! Show what the Z can do Kicker!

You sir, are someone we need to raise a glass to. Kicker for prez!

To me the zx2 is one of the best cars for what ever you want to do to a car. it looks good. it rails. you can make them very fast. you can do what ever you want to them and they wont look to bad. o and they are not hondas. as of yet i havent hurd of anyone that has done a rwd conversion on using a zetec motor in a zx2. i hope im the first. if not i will be the fastest regardless haha. thankx guys

As of yet i havent heard of anyone that has done a rwd conversion on using a zetec motor in a zx2.

Correct. Not with a Zetec motor.