got boost?

I am interested to see how that goes for you. I have been talking to a company out of Europe about our trani’s and they are looking into helping us. It’s a slim shot on a slippery slope but if it pans out… it will be worth it.

best of luck to you on that. Unless they put a diffrent trany in our cars we are stuck. the cases flex too much and the gears arnt even close to being strong enough. the cut of the gears is not strong at all. stright cut gears would be the only way to go and how anyone could pull that off would be phuckin great.

Shouldn’t we also look into material? If the material that the gears are built with are strong wouldn’t that help? (Thus a newb ventures into the world of transmission construction.)

mazda speed dumped over 25k into trying to make one of these live past 425 whp and it didnt work.


So how much can these stock transmissions take semi-reliably?

Same question here. I know this is out of place but Kicker, what kind of rims are those that you use when your not drag racing, and what size are they? Im out of placce because I know that I wont be turboing anytime soon. Hey have you tried Gude before?

on an open diff a stock trany can take up to around 185 whp b4 you have diff problems if you weld the diff (not lsd) you can go just over 300.

as for my street rims im not sure but ill look when i get to my shop and tell ya as for gude iv been working with them for 5 years now no new stuff as per head and turbo cam/ nitrous cam ideas. Bill Gude has done alot for me. he is a good guy and their head and cam packages are second to none. iv gone 13s on a stock bottom end n/a with their head package no weight reductions. i also made 202whp N/A with a custom cam grind he did for me. and that was on a stock bottom end too.

no offence Kicker… but you are the first guy that has ever said they liked gude equipment. Don’t get me wrong I have never tried any of there stuff, it is just an observation. As far as the trani… we will see.

ask anyone who has actuly used gude and see what they say as far as heads and cams the turbo kits are great for guys just getting started. but their heads and cams are the best essy can suck it easy iv used their cams and heads and it sucks. i had a stage 2 package and only made 145 whp i sold it 2 days later and put on a gude and made 170. and the head package was from a guy back east who for some reason only got 135 whp out of it. haha the timing was off he didnt know how to do it. haha dumbass. thats where people go wrong with the head packages the timing is wrong and they lose power or the car doesnt run right. this goes for essy too iv had many people with both heads call me with the same problems. i helped them get the timing right and everyone was happy. the major problem gude had is customer service. iv herd alot of bad things about that but their stuff is always good.

Thanks hey you know Im on your myspace friends list D-Block. thats besides the point, so basically you would recommend Gude?

yes i would not recomend any one else. gude has been doing zx2s sence 97 when Ford gave them one to mod which is the the one on my myspace page cuz i got it from them. Bill Gude has been doing heads and cams for many diffrent cars sence the 70s he is the best at what he does.

Interesting… like I said your the first person I have ever heard say anything good about Gude. That would not be my opinion that is a fact. also I realy have not heard anything good or bad about the head packages. All I ever heard was broost creep issues out of there turbo kits, combined with a lot of people blowing up of engines. once again this is what I heard. Is it true that engines blew up because of boost leak or over boosting with out propper tunning… that will probably never be awnsered.

Personally I will not buy Gude. Nuthing against them personally, but for the cost I could build an engine myself to include all mechine work. But I do live in Tennesee, were evrything is cheaper…

And those are just the facts…

Where in TN HondaStomper?

I am just out side of Ft Campbell. on the Tn and Ky boarder. If you look at a map of I-24 were it crosses between the two states then your looking at my house.

ya you will never know the real reason someone’s motor let go with the turbo kit. ill tuning or they may have tweeked the wast gate for more boost. what ever the reason is people should know these kits no matter who’s it is will blow the motor if not done right and installed exactly the way its is told to be put in. so no matter what happend gude should not be responsible for people modding their motors and blowing them they took the risk of boosting everyone knows these motors are weak.

KICKER did you break the brass braking rings or did you break the sliders?
cause right now on working on a set of sliders for that trans. im using a old school performance trick that we use on borg warner super T-10 trans that will make it shift better and last longer . Also im going to talk to Craig Liberty at liberty Gears about a trans for the zx2. i know right now they make a fwd trans for honda.
I know craig and ill see what he can do for us . I got one of his trans for my Drag car. His tranyes are the best in the world . If theres a way to make the zx2 trans better craig will find it . ill let you guys know what i find out.

Good luck man…keep us updated!!

im only breaking the gear nothign esle no sincros or shift forkes.

what could you do to make the gear even stronger?