so are there any females around this thing?

tigress is around here somewhere. i tried getting my wife to get involved with my addiction, i mean hobby of cars, but she doesn’t care much for the internet. can’t say i didn’t try though.

My fiance uses my name to view the forum but she does not like to post. So in participation of her reading, I’ll raise a hand for her for ya. Yay for my fiance Katie!

i just try to learn all i can!

Nothing wrong with that.

my wife goes on some time to read but then she laughs at my spelling
i dont let her on much lol
but theres anglezx2 she post from time to time and tigress

Yep, tuner girls are becoming more and more common.

I’ve already found my fiance out under the hood of my mustang with carb cleaner, a screwdriver, a wrench, a socket and a “Hmmmm” look on her face and tinkering with stuff on the carb and air setup going “Hey honey if i do this and this, it does this and i want it to feel like this” trying to tune the sucker.

Hell it only took her a 5 minute conversation to learn how “camber” works and now she wants to know how to modify the suspension!

I love my fiance :slight_smile:

damn… KoiHoshi where can I find me one of them?

It’s very difficult, you have to become a computer nerd and help them with their homework first, and then you must master the ways of being a complete geek. Once you’ve mastered this you befriend the geekiest hottest girl out there! It’s like magic!

Ok not really…

We were best friends through high school (I seriously WAS a geek though, good god… well, sorta still am, just without the thick glasses part, so I don’t quite look like erkel), we were sorta under our noses the whole time.

One day after we graduated and hadn’t talked for like a year we started hanging out, realized how cool it would be to be with each other when we had so much in common and took that extra step which when it’s your best friend it’s crash or fly, if you crash there is no going back… we took the dive and pulled out with a future wedding in the plans :slight_smile:


congrats bro!

I am a geek… still no love…

There is love for us geeks, no worries man, give it time :slight_smile:

Trust me there is. Just give it time like KoiHoshi said.

yeah man i went through some real drama queens and psychopaths before I met katie because I was all too worried about “finding someone” i finally had it with my last ex and said “ok enough is enough” and spent about a year and a half single, on my own, working on my finances and all of my investments. Out of the blue pops up katie back into my life and there ya go, been happy since. Just when I least expected it.

I look back on my exes and go “WTF was I THINKING?”

shes wondering where the other four cylinders are :wink:

LMAO! Careful, she may actually dig up the nerve to post on that one. Just kidding, I’ll show her later. That’s awesome, haha! She already knows it’s a 2.3 :slight_smile: :lol: :lol: :lol:

wow… um you dont have to be a geek to know things and be half way intelligent… lol… and there is hope for everyone… thats how i got my current boyfriend lol… i showed his ass up in front of ALOT of people… and he fell in love then and there! lol

It was a joke. :roll:

yea no shit

No shit on what? :lol:

calm down, good god.

you said it was a joke and i said no shit! read the other posts i’ve left ya…